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CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNERS FOR SIX CONSECUTIVE YEARS – hearing care experts for over 80 years with 47 offices across Michigan and Ohio.

How We Can Help

Choosing Beltone means healthy hearing for life.

With a direct connection between hearing loss and dementia, there’s never been a better time to have a hearing screening than today. For over 80 years, we have been enhancing the quality of life for those with hearing loss in Michigan and Ohio through expert care and customized solutions.

Hearing Aid Styles – What’s your favorite?

We have a hearing aid style to suit every need and preference. Whether you favor power, value for money, aesthetic design, or extra features, we have a hearing aid for you.

Innovation Beyond Imagination

Want to be WOW’d? Our hearing technologies also include incredible features, such as personalized modes, that automatically change based on your current environment or activity, and they feature independent ear control and are splash resistant. Click through to check out what else they can do!

The Beltone Promise

Whatever you need, we have got your back, and we are wholly committed to giving you peace of mind.

It’s why we offer complimentary cleaning and checks at any and all of our 1,500 independent nationwide locations, a lifetime of aftercare, and 24/7 online access through our Beltone Blue patient portal and in-clinic demonstrations to let you in to “what’s new” with hearing aid technology.

The Beltone Amaze

All of the latest innovations in smart hearing technology can be found in our featured product – The Beltone Amaze. It is a truly life-changing piece of technology, with features that include streaming to your digital devices and a rechargeable battery kit giving you 30 hours of power (the longest of any hearing aids on the market, today!).

Beltone Ambassador Rewards Program

You’ve gotta love a loyal, and we certainly do! To show our love to your loyalty, we’ve created the Beltone Ambassador Rewards Program where you can receive prizes and benefits by sharing your thoughts, discoveries, and knowledge with others – helping us to spread our message of healthy hearing practices and build our community. Ah, spread the love, guys.

Awesome Hearing Aid Accessories

Our hearing aids come with a range of awesome high-tech accessories. Each of them is designed to help the user lead as natural of a daily life as possible and even better, they all use your current technology and devices to streamline your hearing experience!

Request a Callback

It’s often the small things that hold us back from making the right decision – whether it’s a question, a concern or a query. That’s why we have a hearing specialist on hand to help. Complete this form and you’ll receive a call back for a no-obligation friendly conversation with a member of our expert team.

Patient Testimonial

“Very professional and thorough in the testing and follow-up”

My husband and I were seen by Vicky Harvey at the Beltone in Belleville.  We found Mrs Harvey to be very professional and thorough in the testing and follow-up. Andrea has also been very personable and professional. Roger and I both needed hearing aids and went with Trust B’s. I had previous hearing instruments but never used them, as they are very uncomfortable. However, since getting fit with my new set, I am wearing them every day. My husband also previously wore instruments but was never satisfied. We would highly recommend Vicky Harvey and Beltone in Belleville.

Roger & Phylls Barrette

What Our Patients Say:

  • Helen Karamanos Avatar
    Helen Karamanos

    Today my hearing evaluation with Molly Fletcher was most impressive, pleasing, reassuring, and all around positive. I found... read more

  • Louise Kohl Avatar
    Louise Kohl

    Well done. I now can hear.

  • Marifrances Waligora Avatar
    Marifrances Waligora

    Vicki is rock solid with knowledge and customer service! Knows the right questions to ask so you get the best... read more

  • Bryan Montgomery Avatar
    Bryan Montgomery

    Went there with my mom to get her some hearing aids. Friendly service very professional

  • Karen Fritz Avatar
    Karen Fritz

    Angela is amazing! would recommend her and Beltone to anyone


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Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning in Ohio and Michigan

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Is It Time To Upgrade My Hearing Aid?

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How Do I Make My Hearing Aids More Comfortable?

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