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Why Take Care of Your Hearing?

  • Untreated hearing loss has been linked to Diabetes, Depression, Alzheimer’s & Cardiovascular Disease. **
  • Cognitive decline- Adults with untreated hearing loss experience a 30-40% faster decline in cognitive abilities compared to peers with aided hearing. ***
  • Connection- Difficulty communicating with family and loved ones can lead to social isolation.***
  • It is recommended that everyone over age 60 should have a baseline hearing screening.

Why Choose Beltone?

  • Over 80 years of experience
  • Professionally licensed Hearing Care Practitioners focused on supporting you throughout your journey.
  • Prescriptive hearing solutions tailored to best suit your lifestyle.

Let us show you we care!

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How We Can Help

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Complimentary Hearing Screenings

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

With hearing loss now being the third most common physical health condition in the country and with 1 in 8 of us reported to have some form of hearing loss, there has never been a more important time to have your hearing tested.

Especially when you consider that we all regularly have our eyes tested, our teeth checked, and have our blood pressure tested, yet not enough of us regularly prioritize our hearing.

Through Beltone’s complimentary hearing test, you can visit your local office for a quick, non-invasive, and simple screening with immediate results.

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Innovative Hearing Technology

Innovation Beyond Imagination

Beltone’s hearing technology is some of the most advanced and cutting edge available, with long-life rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, and one of the best-rated sound qualities on the market.

Best of all, the latest technology is small, discreet, and rarely noticeable. In fact, many patients share that their friends or colleagues have never even noticed their devices.

With highly competitive prices, multiple financing options available, and the Beltone promise of complimentary cleaning and checks and a lifetime of aftercare, you receive everything that you need without paying for the things that you don’t need.

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State-wide Coverage

Locations Across Michigan and Ohio

You’re never far away from one of our offices.

This means that no matter where your work, life, or decisions take you, you’ll have the continued support of a team of specialists.

As a Beltone patient, you’ll be able to walk into any of our locations, receive ongoing support, care, and cleanings, and get any help whenever you need it.

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