Do you remember how indestructible your parents seemed when you were a kid?

It’s hard to let go of that image, even as adults.

That is, until you notice that they’re more out of puff than usual, or they have a fall at home, or they start showing signs of hearing loss.

When the health of elderly loved ones starts to fail it doesn’t just affect them but their families too. It is important to understand that if your mum, dad or elderly relative is showing signs of hearing loss, there is help at hand and you can be the one to make sure they get it.

Encouraging an elderly relative to get their hearing tested can be a tricky. So here are six tips to help you, help them:

Do your prep

Hearing loss is a sensitive topic, so make sure you’re ready to talk about it. Do your research into the signs and symptoms of hearing loss. Mention to your loved one that you’ve noticed a few of these signs and are concerned about their hearing.

Create the right moment

Find a quiet moment where it is just the two of you, perhaps over a coffee at home, when you are both feeling relaxed and are free from distractions.

Go with love, care and empathy

Accepting that you have hearing loss is difficult and often feels embarrassing. So, when you talk your elderly relative about their hearing, do so from a place of compassion.

Let them know they aren’t alone

Hearing loss can be an isolating experience. Let your loved one know how common it is: according to The Hearing Loss Association of America, around 20% of Americans have some level of hearing loss.

Don’t get too technical

Modern hearing aids are discreet and better than ever at detecting and processing sounds. They also come with added bonuses like Bluetooth and wifi-enabled technology. But all of these technical details can be overwhelming.

When talking to your loved one about hearings aids today, focus on addressing their particular concerns, such as size (they’re smaller than ever) and expense (finance opportunities are available to spread the cost).

Go with them to their appointment

Hopefully after your chat, your loved one will be open to having their hearing tested. Book the appointment for them and go along for support. You can even book an appointment for yourself and other family members. Make an event of it, so they don’t feel alone in the process.

At Beltone Hearing, we welcome families to come in for their hearing tests. So, get in touch today with any one of our 39 offices across Michigan and Ohio. We’re here to help the whole family handle hearing loss with care and compassion.

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