Hello  there,

It’s Dan again, back with our first newsletter of 2020! 

It’s safe to say the last holiday season of the decade was a blast, and the team and I are now ready for an amazing start to the year by doing the thing we love the most: helping patients hear again. 

I hope you, too, have had a sensational time. 

Speaking of the new year, you might have heard people go on about this “2020 Vision” like it’s the best pun since sliced bread! (It is pretty good.)

But, as purveyors of good hearing, we can’t possibly let the eyes have all the spotlight, so, allow me to be the first to say to you: 

Happy New Ear! 

Yes, we here at Beltone are more committed than ever to help people enjoy the new decade with the best hearing they’ve ever had – including you!

So, if over the holidays, you or a loved one experienced any issues with your hearing, then allow us to sort that out for you. Contact us today and book your hearing test; it’ll be well worth your time. 

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Let’s Have A Hearing Health Tip, Shall We?

Speaking of 2020 vision, it still amazes me how many people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes, but don’t consider earplugs to protect their ears!

Well, in the spirit of Happy New Ear, let’s change that and make 2020 the year of the ear!

Beltone helps you hear again

Our aim, first and foremost, is to ensure that each and every patient leaves our office with a life that has been significantly improved.

We are proud to say that the majority of the time this is the case, but don’t take our word for it, take the word of Virginia:

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter – we hope it’s been useful to you.

As a reminder, Beltone is always on your side.

If you have any concerns about your family’s hearing health, schedule your free hearing screening online, or call us at 1-888-691-3821.

Until next month, from all of us here at Beltone, Happy New Ear! 

See you next month,
Dan Fletcher

Oh, and one last thing…

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Beltone is our commitment to giving back to our patients for their loyalty to us.

Our loyalty reward program is really simple and just requires you helping someone who might benefit from having the same service as you by telling them about us.

Not only do you get some awesome rewards, but your friend/loved one/neighbor will too!

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