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  • What I love about this place- it’s a brand new Beltone Hearing Center, with an “at home” feeling! However, Beltone is not new to the hearing care industry, as Beltone has been in business for 79 years! The office staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and their company motto is “Treat each patient as a dear loved one”!

    Ann Whetstone Avatar
    Ann Whetstone
  • 5 star ratingVicky at Beltone's Belleville location is such a lovely soul, that I usually feel like I'm going to visit a friend instead of having my hearing aids serviced and worn parts replaced. Vicky is honest and caring--a kind-hearted woman who won't sell you something you don't need just to hit a quota or get on a top-seller list for the company. She will, however, spend ample time with you to explain how things work, answer all your questions, and answer questions you didn't know you had. For example, I didn't know I was wearing my hearing aids incorrectly until I started going to this location! If you find yourself saying, "What?" frequently, stop in and see her. Don't put it off, as hearing loss has been linked to dementia. In the meantime, turn down the music, wear earplugs to concerts, band practices, and anywhere you find yourself screaming to be heard. Maybe you'll avoid getting hearing aids, if you're not already saying, "I can't hear you."

    Aileen B. Avatar
    Aileen B.
  • I am really satisfied with my new hearing aids. Heather was very thorough and patient. She took her time and I never felt rushed. I felt all my concerns were taken care of.

    georgia wesley Avatar
    georgia wesley
  • I had another kind of hearing aids. Angela said I would be happy with the Beltone Amaze and she was right! I love them and Angela and Leanna are so nice to me.

    Oral Kirby Avatar
    Oral Kirby
  • Great service. When I call they always work me in and help me out. Great staff.

    Dar Lampen Avatar
    Dar Lampen