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Trust Your Hearing to Beltone Hearing of Grand Rapids, MI

Many people move away from cities, such as Chicago and Detroit, because they no longer feel safe. However, no matter where you are, if you have a hearing loss, your safety is at risk. Besides losing the ability to hear warnings or properly follow verbal directions, individuals with a hearing loss run a much greater risk of critical injuries from falls due to poor balance. Beltone hearing aids in Grand Rapids can help make you steadier on your feet, allow you to hear warnings and instructions, and reduce your safety risks.

Our Beltone Hearing locations focus on helping those with a hearing loss to get the help they need. More than just a hearing aid dispenser, we customize your hearing care experience rather than treat you like a sales statistic. We use accurate hearing assessments to determine the exact type and severity of hearing loss you have in order to program our Beltone hearing aids and accessories to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our concern for meeting your needs goes a step further by offering tele-audiology as a safer, more convenient alternative to receive the care you need from a no-contact consultation.

Hi-Tech Beltone Hearing Aids for Grand Rapids, MI

Beltone hearing aids were the first to offer “Made for iPhone” hearing aids. This is just one example of how America’s original hearing aid manufacturer has led the industry in innovation during our 80-year history. Our hearing aid designs push the boundaries of technology with features such as shockproofing and waterproofing, independent control for each ear, natural sound clarity, and personalized modes with the capacity to automatically adjust to fit the various backgrounds and activities you enjoy.

In addition to our high-tech hearing instruments, the hearing aid dispenser at your nearest Beltone Hearing location has plenty of innovative accessories to allow hearing aid users to live their day-to-day lives without missing a step. Our accessories integrate with whatever level of hearing aid technology you have in order to enhance your hearing experience.

Trust the industry leader with a track record for producing cutting-edge hearing aids and hearing aid accessories by visiting our Grand Rapids location.

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For Personalized Hearing Care You Need a Hearing Assessment

Most people don’t realize that they are losing their hearing until it becomes a challenge to understand conversations. In addition to improving your ability to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers, better hearing reduces your risk of cognitive decline, improves your productivity, and increases your sense of acceptance and confidence for a better quality of life. However, rather than getting an early start on better hearing, many people in the Grand Rapids area push hearing tests to the bottom of their list of healthcare priorities.

The first step toward identifying and designing a custom solution to meet your hearing loss challenges begins with a Beltone Hearing center hearing assessment. Our hearing aid dispenser can conduct a non-invasive hearing test in about 30 minutes and then discuss the results of your test with you before you leave the office. The journey to better hearing for you or a loved one can begin today if you schedule a hearing assessment at any of the 48 Beltone Hearing locations in Michigan and Ohio.

We Provide Safety and Convenience Using Tele-Audiology

Pandemic protocols introduced some new challenges to healthcare and hearing care. However, Beltone Hearing centers were up to meeting the COVID-19 challenges by introducing an alternative solution that allows for social distancing and social isolation while accommodating travel and scheduling problems that make an in-office appointment difficult to attend. By using our tele-audiology appointments, you can connect with a hearing aid dispenser via your cell phone, tablet, or computer for a safe and convenient face-to-face consultation in Grand Rapids.

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What Others Say About Beltone Hearing – Grand Rapids, MI

D B. Avatar
D B.
Been seeing Brennen for several years. Have always been treated with top notch service.
Cindy E. Avatar
Cindy E.
He is amazing I love him I drive from Wyoming to him
Marcia L. Avatar
Marcia L.
Very knowledgeable, personable and professional.
Jodi R. Avatar
Jodi R.
Brennen at Beltone is amazing gives 100% customer service, will do anything he can to help. Im very happy with my hearing aides, they have changed my life!
Thank you Brennen for all you do for me and a couple of other family members that have followed in the life changing decision to come here and get hearing aides!

June K. Avatar
June K.
I have had 3 sets of hearing aids from this office, and every pair has been exceptional!! The practitioner is amazing, almost like I’m going to visit my favorite child!! I know I will always be treated with kindness and professionalism when I visit. If you’re in need of hearing help, this place is top notch!
Dan -. Avatar
Dan -.
Brennen has given us great service for several years and has always been accessible when we need him. I recently was informed by my doctor that I could be a candidate for a cochlear implant, yet Brennen informed me that Beltane has a very wide range of devices that can continue to accommodate any additional hearing loss. I am at ease and will continue to recommend this offices services to any of my friends or close loved ones.
Susan R. Avatar
Susan R.
The products, the service, and the staff are all tremendous! I highly recommend Beltone GR for people who are struggling with their hearing!
Millie V. Avatar
Millie V.
Very helpful, easily accessible, friendly and professional! They’re the best!
Tessa M. Avatar
Tessa M.
I’ve been going to this location for over three years now and have had nothing but great service every time I go in. Both Brennen & Karensue are always very friendly and helpful with any issues or questions I might have. Brennen is very helpful with making sure my hearing aides are always working good and checking on any adjustments that I may need or my hearing aides may need.

What Others Say About Beltone Hearing –

Schedule A FREE Hearing Test

The first vital step toward regaining the quality of life you are missing due to hearing loss is a hearing assessment. An honest discussion of your concerns and evaluation of your condition provides the foundation upon which we can develop a customized solution to fit your unique case.

If you or a loved one is struggling to hear as well as you used to, start your journey toward better hearing by scheduling a comprehensive hearing assessment today.

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