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Trust Your Hearing to Beltone Hearing of Kentwood, MI

“I can live with it until it gets really bad.” Living with a hearing loss until it gets really bad not only leads to increased safety risks, accelerated cognitive decline, decreased health, strained relationships, and increased mental health issues, but you or your loved one is also doing yourself or themselves an extreme disservice. Hearing loss becomes more severe and more difficult to correct the longer you “live with it.” Your hearing impairment is treatable, so why not seek treatment by contacting your nearest Beltone Hearing center in Kentwood, Michigan.

We are a hearing aid dispenser, providing Beltone hearing aids, but we are also so much more. Our unique approach to hearing care focuses on providing higher-level personalized care that fits your hearing needs as well as your lifestyle and personal preferences. At our Beltone Hearing locations, we work to identify the cause and severity of your hearing impairment with a comprehensive hearing assessment, so we can fit you with the best hi-tech device and innovative accessories that allow you to live the life you’ve gotten used to living. We follow strict safety protocols in every Beltone Hearing center, so we don’t compromise your health, but we take your safety concerns a step further by also offering no-contact tele-audiology appointments.

We Provide Hi-Tech Beltone Hearing Aids in Kentwood, MI

You might already be familiar with our reputation as America’s original hearing aid manufacturer. In the rich 80-year history of Beltone hearing aids, we have established ourselves as leading the way in innovation. Just one example is our “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, which were the first to provide smartphone connectivity. Other cutting-edge developments in the hearing aid industry include shockproofing and waterproofing, independent control for each ear, more natural sounding clarity, and personalizing options with the capacity to automatically adjust to preset backgrounds and activities you frequently enjoy.

Our high-tech hearing instruments are not our only innovations; the hearing aid dispenser at the Beltone Hearing location nearest you can also show you plenty of hi-tech accessories that help hearing aid users to live their day-to-day lives the way they’re used to living. Regardless of the current level of hearing aid technology you use, you can integrate our accessories for an enhanced hearing experience.

Visit the trusted industry leader in Kentwood to check out our cutting-edge hearing aids and hearing aid accessories.

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Custom Hearing Care Begins with a Hearing Assessment

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports that although all individuals with a hearing loss could be helped by hearing aids, only about 1 in 5 who would benefit seek the help they need. Hearing aids can improve your ability to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers as well as reduce your risk of cognitive decline, improve your productivity, and increase your sense of acceptance and confidence for a rich, independent lifestyle. Many people in Kentwood and surrounding areas never experience these advantages because they give hearing tests little importance on their list of healthcare priorities.

Identifying and designing a custom hearing care solution to meet your needs begins with a Beltone Hearing center hearing assessment. Our hearing aid dispenser takes about half an hour to conduct a non-invasive hearing test and then provides you with the results of your test before you leave the office. You or a loved one can get the help you need from hearing aids by scheduling a hearing assessment at any of the 48 Beltone Hearing locations in Michigan and Ohio.

We Provide Safety and Convenience Using Tele-Audiology

New challenges to healthcare and hearing care, due to social isolation and social distancing, were a major concern during the COVID-19 health crisis. However, Beltone Hearing centers came up with alternatives that meet these challenges while accommodating travel and scheduling issues that make keeping an in-office appointment inconvenient. By using our tele-audiology appointments, your cell phone, tablet or computer, and tele-conferencing technology, you can connect with a hearing aid dispenser for a safe and convenient face-to-face consultation in Kentwood.

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Schedule A FREE Hearing Test

The first vital step toward regaining the quality of life you are missing due to hearing loss is a hearing assessment. An honest discussion of your concerns and evaluation of your condition provides the foundation upon which we can develop a customized solution to fit your unique case.

If you or a loved one is struggling to hear as well as you used to, start your journey toward better hearing by scheduling a comprehensive hearing assessment today.

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