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Beltone Hearing Aid's St. Clair Shores, MI Clinic

Trust Your Hearing to Beltone Hearing of St. Clair Shores, MI

Because of the struggle to communicate with others in social settings, which tend to include a lot of background noise, many individuals with a hearing loss withdraw from family, friends, and co-workers. If you isolate yourself away from loved ones, you are likely to experience depression and anxiety as you struggle to keep up and feel left out of what’s going on. Beltone hearing aids can provide the means to reduce your feelings of depression and anxiety, therefore greatly improving your quality of life. Advanced technology hearing aids filter out background noise and increase the clarity of conversation. You can return to your active and rewarding lifestyle with a visit to your Beltone hearing center in St. Clair Shores, MI.

We are more than just a hearing aid dispenser. The objective in all of our Beltone Hearing locations is to provide each person with a customized hearing experience. We achieve our goal through an accurate hearing assessment that guides us toward providing the most advanced hearing aid technology to fit the specific needs of each individual. Our focus on meeting individual needs even includes providing a safe and convenient alternative to in-office appointments with our tele-audiology service.

St. Clair Shores Has Access to Hi-Tech Beltone Hearing Aids

America’s original hearing aid manufacturer, Beltone, is one of the most recognizable names in hearing aids. During our rich 80-year history as an industry leader, we have been on the cutting edge of innovations such as our “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, which were the first hearing instruments with smartphone compatibility. Additional cutting-edge technology we’ve produced includes features such as independent control for each ear, instrument shockproofing and waterproofing, more natural-sounding clarity, and the capacity to personalize your hearing aids for automatic adjustment to preset backgrounds as you move from one activity to another.

We’re not just pushing the innovation boundaries of hearing instruments, but we are also producing a wide range of hi-tech hearing aid accessories designed to allow you to live a lifestyle that is more like you’re used to living. Regardless of the current level of hearing aid technology you are using, a hearing aid dispenser at the Beltone Hearing location nearest you can help you to locate the hearing aid accessories best able to enhance your hearing experience.

If you or a loved one is looking for the most trusted leader in innovative hearing aids and hearing aid accessories, then check out what we have to offer in our St. Clair Shores location.

St. Clair Shores, MI
Beltone Hearing Aid's Location in St. Clair Shores, MI

Better Hearing Care Is the Result of a Hearing Assessment

“Plenty of people with a hearing impairment sit silently rather than joining in conversations and activities, because they fear that hearing problems will make them seem helpless or less than competent,” says Dr. Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins University. However, connecting with others helps your brain stay younger and keeps you involved with family, friends, and your community. Better hearing care and hearing aids improve your ability to communicate, reduce your risk of cognitive decline, improve your social life, and increase your sense of acceptance and confidence, but too many individuals in St. Clair Shores continue to isolate from others rather than getting the help they need.

A hearing assessment from a Beltone Hearing center is the first essential step on a journey to better hearing care because it allows us to accurately identify your unique hearing care needs and then design personalized solutions to meet them. A hearing aid dispenser can complete a simple, non-invasive hearing test in about half an hour and then provide the results of your test and discuss the best solutions to meet your specific needs during a single appointment. To start enjoying the benefits of better hearing, schedule a hearing assessment at one of our 48 Beltone Hearing locations in Michigan and Ohio.

Tele-Audiology Appointments for Your Safety and Convenience

We had to rethink how we interact in public places during the COVID-19 health crisis, especially in healthcare and hearing care facilities. However, Beltone Hearing centers were up to meeting the challenges of social distancing and self-isolation by introducing tele-audiology appointments as an alternative. Now, by using your cell phone, tablet or PC, and tele-conferencing technology, you can connect with a hearing aid dispenser for a face-to-face consultation in the St. Clair Shores area for safe and convenient hearing care, even when scheduling and travel issues make an in-office appointment inconvenient.

The Office of Beltone Hearing Aid's Clinic in St. Clair Shores, MI

What Others Say About Beltone Hearing – St. Clair Shores, MI

Rob M. Avatar
Rob M.
This office fantastic! Friendly, efficient, and extremely helpful. They keep up on your hearing aids and appointments to make sure you are getting everything you need from the aids.
Lawrence H. Avatar
Lawrence H.
The staff of Ginny, Racheal, and Anglia are the best people around. I have been going to them for years and they have always been attentive and understanding. They are the best around. Been to other places and they failed to meet my needs.
Deborah V. Avatar
Deborah V.
I love the professionalism as well as well as the empathy and Kindness that is shown at this office. Everybody is so friendly yet professional
Janice E. Avatar
Janice E.
I love the staff at Beltone St. Clair Shores. They really are concerned about your hearing.and the offer many affordable options to get what you need to hear better.
Tentative Avatar
Jenny is always professional and her receptionist is very helpful with appointments and scheduling.
lauren d. Avatar
lauren d.
Great service!!!! Love to be greeted right when you walk in the door by Rachel!
Lee B. Avatar
Lee B.
The staff and ginney st st. Clair store were super helping my hearing give them 5 star
Renee W. Avatar
Renee W.
My very first visit to Beltone was one to remember. Upon entering the office I didn't know what to expect, but I was made very comfortable the moment I arrived. With a warm greeting from Rachel and meeting Ginny made the difference. Ginny's knowledge and expertise took the edge off of having to wear a hearing aide for the very first time. Afterwards, I literary felt my world open up, for I didn't realize just how much I was missing. Thank you Ginny!!!
fayette m. Avatar
fayette m.
My name is Fayette Mccall received excellent care from Ginny Renas and rachel Mortan. I was very pleased with the service, as they even extended beyond the level of care. They assisted me with understanding my new hearing aids, as well as making me feel comfortable with aftercare and maintenance. Ginny even cleaned my ears for me. I have recommended my friends and family, and would recommend to anyone who struggles with hearing loss. I give these two young ladies a 10 plus

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The first vital step toward regaining the quality of life you are missing due to hearing loss is a hearing assessment. An honest discussion of your concerns and evaluation of your condition provides the foundation upon which we can develop a customized solution to fit your unique case.

If you or a loved one is struggling to hear as well as you used to, start your journey toward better hearing by scheduling a comprehensive hearing assessment today.

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