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*Please call office as hours are subject to change without notice.

*Please call office as hours are subject to change without notice.

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What Others Say About Beltone Hearing – Niles, MI

Tonya B. Avatar
Tonya B.
- Google

Dave is amazing!!! My grandma was fitted with Beltone hearing aids at a different location and did not receive the care she paid for. Her hearing aids hadn't been adjusted for 6-7 years and weren't doing anything for her anymore. After Dave adjusted them she couldn't believe they were the same hearing aids! He was completely honest and instead of trying to upsell her more expensive aids he got the ones she had purchased working with an explanation as to why it's important to wear them! A side note that if someone hasn't been able to hear for an extended period of time, don't go anywhere with them (for a couple of days) because they will most likely get sensory overload from hearing everything!!!

Dulce M. Avatar
Dulce M.
- Google

David Leitrim has been very helpful and Polite. I love the way he treats his patients. He really listens to what you have to say. I would recommend him to everyone.

Gail B. Avatar
Gail B.
- Google

Wonderful rapport! Tinnitus is less irritating. Can actually enjoy tv now.

Mark W. Avatar
Mark W.
- Google

Mr David Leitz is a super nice guy that gives you answers when I need them. I bring my friend to David that is blind so her eyesight is very important. I wouldn't trust anyone but David with my friend. I would recommend him to anyone.

Roxanne P. Avatar
Roxanne P.
- Google

Dave is wonderful & so helpful. Dave Leitz I can’t say enough good things about him . I would recommend him to anybody. A positive happy person . He won’t steer u wrong.

James R. Avatar
James R.
- Google

David Leitz is a nice guy and he brought back my hearing to help me live life again. Dave is a very knowledgeable and is always available. I would recommend Dave to all.

Virginia D. Avatar
Virginia D.
- Google

Dave is very, very good. Knows his stuff & helped me get the
correct hearing aids. Very caring & wonderful sense of humor.
Look forward to my checkups!

Laura J. Avatar
Laura J.
- Google

Dave Leitz is THE kindest health services provider I have come into contact with while caring for my elderly mother. He cleaned and serviced her hearing aids, and even though there was no new sale in it for him, he spent over an hour during our first appointment getting to know Mom and me, listening with genuine interest as she talked about her life and her grandchildren, and then thoroughly testing her hearing and fine-tuning her current aids to improve her hearing. He's compassionate, patient, caring, kind, professional, helpful... he's providing much more than "just" hearing aid service and we cannot say enough good things about Dave. We highly recommend him for his over-the-top service and genuine care for people.

Fred H. Avatar
Fred H.
- Google

I’ve been seeing Dave at the Niles branch since 2017 and enjoy each visit. Dave truly loves people and cares deeply about helping maintain and improve there current hearing. Dave is very knowledgeable and answers all my questions as if I’m the only one on his schedule. My hearing has improved a lot. I just found this review site for Beltone and appreciate the opportunity to share about the great service Dave has been to me. Keep it up Dave. This world needs more professionals like you. Thanks

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