The Beltone HearMax App represents a convenient option for elderly or disabled individuals who struggle with transportation and mobility issues.

A Guide to Remote Care Live on the Beltone HearMax App

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Patient Resources, Technology

Due to COVID-19, we’ve all had to rethink how we do things. Restrictions and limitations on face-to-face contact have made it necessary for the majority of individuals to receive care via video using a cell phone, tablet, or computer. The transition to virtual care has been a smooth one for Beltone because of the technology included in the Beltone HearMax App. We’ve put together a quick guide to help our customers become more familiar with this app and take advantage of its easy-to-use features, particularly Remote Care Live.

Who Benefits Most from the Beltone HearMax App?

Even without COVID’s restrictions, the Beltone HearMax App represents a convenient option for elderly or disabled individuals who struggle with transportation and mobility issues. However, it also makes things easier for active individuals or those who live in remote areas to maintain high-level technical support and fine-tuning for your Beltone hearing device 24/7.

Basic Features of the Beltone HearMax App

The Beltone HearMax app is available for smartphone users in combination with Beltone hearing aids. HearMax high-level access fine-tune the performance of your hearing device using Apple Watch, iOS (Apple iPhone), or Android-based smartphones. HearMax makes it easy to use your cell phone’s touch screen to:

  • Adjust hearing aid volume and eliminate background noise using “Sound Enhancer.”
  • Locate a misplaced or lost device using “Find My Hearing Aid.”
  • Isolate and enhance conversation with someone using “Speech Focus.”
  • Access tech support from anywhere using “Remote Care Live.

On-Demand Support from the HearMax Remote Care Feature

Beltone’s HearMax App remote care features allow you access to a hearing aid professional between appointments from home, the office, on vacation, the beach, or wherever you happen to be. By sending a request to your hearing care provider, your provider can provide fine-tuning for your device in the same way he or she does when you go in for an office visit, and then send them to your smartphone for easy upload to your hearing instrument.

Face-to-Face Care with Beltone’s Remote Care Live

An essential part of excellent hearing care is the long-term relationship hearing care providers maintain with their patients. Beltone makes it easy to maintain that connection for much-needed advice, encouragement, and technical support for hearing aid wearers through face-to-face video conferencing. Follow these steps to take advantage of the Remote Care Live feature:

  • Send a Remote Care Live request to your hearing care provider
  • Your HCP initiates a video call from their office at the time agreed upon
  • Accept the call
  • Discuss needs as you would during an in-office appointment
  • Your provider will send any adjustments to your smartphone
  • Upload the adjustments
  • Go on about your business.

Beltone Is Here for You

Though new restrictions limit our capacity for in-office meetings and appointments, that does not mean that your hearing healthcare needs to suffer. Using the Beltone HearMax App, patients can continue to receive the same level of care they have come to expect from Beltone regardless of where they are. Contact us to learn more about the hearing care solutions provided through the Beltone HearMax App or to send a request for remote assistance.

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