When you recognize you need a hearing aid, you might form a mental checklist of what’s important to you. Because cost is a huge factor for most people, it makes sense that someone might be drawn to Costco for its known cheap prices.

But is Costco really the best choice when everything is considered?

To help residents across Michigan and Ohio make the right decision for their hearing healthcare, we’ve outlined the major differences between purchasing hearing aids at Costco and receiving comprehensive hearing care at Beltone Hearing.

But first, what better way to show the difference than share one of our patient’s personal experience of both?

Mary’s Experience With Costco And Beltone Hearing

Mary went to Costco and purchased the best hearing aids that they had only two years ago. She told her friends and family about how great Costco was … until she lost one and was told that she only had a one-year warranty, and they would not replace it for free.

To our surprise, Costco then tested her for a new aid, gave her a quote, and told her that her ears were plugged with wax, but they couldn’t remove it.

Mary decided to start shopping around to find a cheaper aid than Costco’s, and Beltone Hearing was one of her stops.

She couldn’t believe that we were able to flush the earwax out for her. After her ears were flushed, she still missed 56% of what she could hear with her top-of-the-line Costco aid.

She also missed 100% in the ear that she’d lost her aid for.

We tested her with our state-of-the-art Imagine 17s and she only missed 8%! It was a miracle! Mary came to find a cheaper aid than Costco’s and left with the BEST! Now she’s telling all of her Costco friends to come to Beltone!

What’s The Difference Between Costco And Beltone Hearing?

As you can see from Mary’s story, there can be many, but the biggest difference is that we see you as family rather than someone we can sell a product to. We’re here for you for life to always ensure you get the best hearing support possible.

The big differences between Costco and Beltone Hearing are in:

  • Cost
  • Hearing test
  • Hearing aid features
  • Repairs
  • Support
  • Warranties

1. Cost

Let’s talk about cost first – the main reason why people choose Costco.

Costco’s cheapest hearing aid is their Kirkland Signature 9.0 at $1,499. This is not a package price that includes regular check-ups and visits with a local hearing specialist – a key part of your hearing journey. This is just the price for the hearing aid itself.

At Beltone Hearing, our prices start at $695! We are not the cheapest option when buying more high-tech, customized hearing aids, but our long-term hearing care service ensures you maintain optimal hearing health.

When you look at a hearing specialist’s prices vs. Costco’s, you are looking at the cost of the product alone vs. Beltone Hearing’s bundle of the hearing aids plus years of follow-up services that include free annual hearing screenings.

But wait, there’s more! We offer financing so you can spread the cost over a more doable 6, 12, 48, or even 60 months. We also work with your insurance company’s plan on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on making our hearing aids as affordable as possible.

2. Hearing Test

Just like Costco, our hearing test is free. We will always do a comprehensive hearing assessment to make sure we provide you with the exact hearing solution you need.

This assessment includes pure-tone testing, speech testing, and bone conduction testing so we can identify what’s causing your hearing loss.

Unlike Costco, we will refer you to an ENT specialist if your hearing loss can’t be resolved with a hearing aid, and we will remove any buildup of earwax if needed, which may eliminate the need for hearing technology.

Through A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment.

3. Hearing Aid Features

One of the reasons why Costco’s hearing aids are often cheaper is because they remove certain features of the hearing aids.

When you buy a Beltone hearing aid, you get every wonderful feature it has to offer.

4. Repairs

If you ever need repairs, Beltone Hearing offers complimentary cleaning and checks at any of its 1,500 independent nationwide locations, of which 44 are in Michigan and Ohio.

You must remain a Costco member to avail of their complimentary clean and check services.

5. Support

We offer a lifetime of aftercare and 24/7 online access through our Beltone Blue patient portal. Costco offers one or two follow-up appointments once you’ve given them your money.

We’ve received Beltone’s “Circle of Excellence” award for six consecutive years for our service, and we have no intention of lowering our standards now.

We have an average rating of 4.7/5 on Google across all 44 locations in Michigan and Ohio. Costco’s rating is 4.2/5.

6. Loss And Damage Warranties

Costco offers free loss and damage coverage and free warranty periods.

These warranties vary by model and might only last for one year, when the average use of a hearing aid is four to six years. Beltone Hearing warranties every hearing aid automatically for one year, and you can extend these coverages.

Ask us for more information on these plans.

Still Confused About Your Options?

The best first step in determining the right hearing solution for you is through a comprehensive hearing assessment by a hearing care expert.

If you’d rather come see us first to be more aware of your options, we’d be more than happy to welcome you, do a thorough, free hearing assessment, and tell you our recommendations.

Click here to schedule a hearing test at your local Beltone Hearing center, or call (888) 691-3821. When it comes to treating your hearing well, you’ll never regret it.

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