This new form of protection helps reduce the cost of professional cleaning and repairs while increasing the service life of your hearing aids.

Are Your New Beltone Hearing Aids Waterproof?

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Your hearing loss doesn’t have to have the last word because modern digital hearing technology allows you to return to an independent and rewarding lifestyle.

Today’s hearing aids are more discrete, perform much better, and are more user-friendly than ever.

However, the delicate nature of the high-level technology used in modern hearing aids means that they are more easily damaged by moisture and debris.

Our hearing aid wearers in Ohio and Michigan will be excited to learn that Beltone has developed the first water-resistant hearing aids.

How Do Waterproof Hearing Aids Work?

Following in the footsteps of Nike® and Adidas® and new technology to protect mobile phones and MP3 players from the elements, Beltone began treating their hearing instruments with a protective coating known as HPF80 NanoBlock™.

In addition to making them moisture-resistant, HPF80 NanoBlock™ helps protect your hearing aids from the effects of dirt, earwax, skin oils, and temperature changes.

This new form of protection helps reduce the cost of professional cleaning and repairs while increasing the service life of your hearing aids.

Just like smearing on sunblock protects your skin from UV rays, Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock works to repel harmful particulates and moisture.

NanoBlock, which is 1000 times thinner than a human hair, creates a molecular bond with the surfaces of your hearing instrument at a nanoscopic level, which is completely invisible to the naked eye.

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You Asked, We Answered. Waterproof Hearing Aid FAQs

What are waterproof hearing aids?

Waterproof hearing aids are devices designed to provide protection against moisture and water. Although the term “waterproof” is used, most devices on the market are only water-resistant, meaning they can withstand exposure to moisture but cannot be fully submerged in water.

Can waterproof hearing aids be fully submerged in water?

No, waterproof hearing aids should not be fully submerged in water. While water-resistant hearing aids can protect against moisture, they are not designed to be used while swimming or submerged underwater.

Who would benefit from using waterproof hearing aids?

Waterproof hearing aids are beneficial for people who live in humid climates, those who frequently participate in activities that cause sweating, or individuals who encounter sudden weather changes that expose their hearing aids to moisture.

Can I wear waterproof hearing aids while swimming or showering?

It is not recommended to wear waterproof hearing aids while swimming or showering, as they are not designed for full submersion in water. Always remove your hearing aids before engaging in activities that involve water immersion.

Are there any downsides to using waterproof hearing aids?

While waterproof hearing aids offer added protection against moisture, they may be more expensive than non-waterproof models. Additionally, they should not be fully submerged in water, limiting their use in certain activities such as swimming.

Can I wear my regular hearing aids in water if they are not waterproof?

No, wearing regular hearing aids in water can cause damage to the delicate components of the device. It is essential to remove your hearing aids before participating in water-related activities.

How much do waterproof hearing aids cost?

The cost of waterproof hearing aids varies depending on the specific model, features, and brand. Consult with a hearing care professional to discuss pricing and find a suitable option for your needs.

How do I clean and maintain my waterproof hearing aids?

To clean and maintain your waterproof hearing aids, follow these steps:

  • Remove any visible debris using a soft brush or a dry cloth.
  • Wipe the surface of the hearing aids with a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or moisture.
    Use a wax pick or brush to clean the sound outlet and microphone ports gently.
  • If your hearing aids come with a protective case, store them in it when not in use to prevent damage or exposure to moisture.
  • Regularly visit a hearing care professional for maintenance checks and professional cleaning.

Can I get my hearing aids waterproofed?

Some hearing aid manufacturers offer the option to add a waterproof coating to existing hearing aids. Contact your hearing care professional to discuss whether this is possible for your specific device.

How to make a hearing aid waterproof?

Making a hearing aid waterproof requires the application of a protective coating, like Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock™. This coating bonds with the surfaces of the hearing aid at a nanoscopic level, creating a barrier against moisture, dirt, and debris.

However, this process should be performed by a professional or manufacturer to ensure the proper application and effectiveness of the coating.

Benefits Of Beltone’s Waterproof Hearing Aids

Where diving into the pool, taking a shower, and relaxing in a steam room while wearing your waterproof hearing aids is still a bad idea, there are a lot of benefits to wearing waterproof hearing aids, including:

  • Spend less time cleaning your hearing aids each day because NanoBlock protects from the buildup of moisture, earwax, and other debris.
  • Work up a good sweat while you work or work out without worrying about moisture damage.
  • Fewer worries about hearing aid damage in climates with high humidity.
  • Fewer concerns regarding condensation and freezing temperatures worries in areas with extreme temperature changes.
  • NanoBlock helps ensure that your Beltone hearing aids will perform at their highest level.
  • Greater longevity of your hearing aid investment.

NanoBlock is evidence of Beltone’s commitment to providing its wearers with the most advanced design, performance, and comfort innovations on the market.

We Provide Advanced Hearing Care Solutions

Hearing aids have allowed individuals with hearing loss to continue living the rich, independent, and rewarding lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to.

Beltone’s HPF80 NanoBlock is a positive step toward preserving the delicate nature of the most advanced technological innovations in hearing instruments by making them waterproof, extending their life cycle while enhancing their performance.

Those who depend on hearing aids to remain active can rest assured that our team at Beltone is dedicated to providing the most advanced hearing care solutions while helping you protect your investment.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about Beltone hearing aids and how they can improve your quality of life.

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