We’re confident that they can add an extra dimension to your hearing abilities and improve your experience of the world.

New Beltone Amaze Hearing Aids Offer Longest Battery Life

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Beltone News, Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to the Beltone Amaze hearing aid. At Beltone Hearing Center’s Michigan and Ohio, we’re confident that it can add an extra dimension to your hearing abilities and improve your experience of the world.

So what’s so amazing about Beltone Amaze hearing aids? Let us break it down for you.

Incredibly long-lasting battery life

There is nothing worse than your hearing aid batteries giving up on you halfway through your day. Even if you’ve got spare batteries to hand, you’ve then got to find the time to switch them in. It’s all a bit of a hassle.

You won’t ever need to worry about getting unceremoniously disconnected from the sounds around you with Beltone Amaze. It is fitted with long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

All you need to do is recharge the batteries when they’re running low. A single overnight recharge will keep your hearing aids going for up to 30 hours. Should you ever forget to charge your hearing aids overnight, you can get a quick boost with a 30-minute charge that will give you 8 hours of battery life, more than enough to see you through your day.

So what does this long-lasting battery life provide you access to?

A richer sound experience

The world is full of subtle sounds that hearing loss can take away. Beltone Amaze is here to give them back to you. How? With faster digital processing and extended bandwidth. That translates to you literally being able to hear the birds sing and the leaves rustle. A walk through the park won’t ever be the same again.

That’s not to mention the richness of sounds you’ll be able to enjoy when you next listen to your favorite tunes, whether that’s country or rock, or whatever is gracing the Billboard Hot 100. Or perhaps it’ll be the kids Christmas recital this year, all that high-pitched, enthusiastic singing will form much-cherished memories with Beltone Amaze.

Add to that the new Impulse Noise Reduction feature, which filters out loud or otherwise uncomfortable sounds, and hearing will become an even more enjoyable experience. 

Streaming sounds from any digital device

It’s a digital world, from our cells to our tablets and laptops. And it’s all integrated for our ease. That’s true of Beltone Amaze too, with its wireless accessories and Made For iPhone connection, you can link it up to any of your digital devices. Stream music, TV shows, and phone calls right into your hearing aids, without any loss of sound quality.

Full control in the palm of your hand

Beltone Amaze comes with the Beltone HearMax™ app. Download it directly to your cell and then adjust your hearing aids with just a few taps. No one will bat an eyelid as you switch programs or change the volume. But truth be told you won’t need to fiddle with your hearing aids as much as you think as Beltone Amaze automatically adapts to quiet and loud environments.

Help at hand whenever you need it

Should you ever find yourself struggling to get your hearing aids working just right in a particular sound environment, there is always help at hand. You won’t even need to come to see us in-store. Beltone Remote Care™ lets you get in touch with your hearing care professional through a simple app on your cell. Request some assistance and new program settings will be sent straight to your cell.

Seeing, or rather hearing, is believing. The longest battery life and the best features available. Prepare to be amazed by Beltone Amaze get in touch with any one of our 39 centers across Ohio and Michigan and we’ll gladly give you a free demonstration

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