What to Expect When Your Loved One Treats Their Hearing Loss

What to Expect When Your Loved One Treats Their Hearing Loss

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Beltone News, Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Has your loved one recently received treatment for hearing loss? Regaining the ability to hear with new hearing aids is a moment filled with anticipation.

You’ve likely been eagerly awaiting the improved communication with your loved one.  But, it’s important to have realistic expectations to ensure a positive experience. While hearing aids create rapid improvement, they also require an adjustment period.

Beltone Hearing wants to assist friends and family members of those with the renewed hearing ability so that you’re prepared for the process. Here’s what to expect when your loved one regains their hearing.

It’s a Gradual Process

Just as hearing loss often occurs in stages, regaining hearing doesn’t happen all at once. It takes time for the brain to recognize and decipher all the sounds it was missing.

The low frequency of thunder or a truck rumbling by is quite different from the high frequency of a bird chirping or a doorbell ringing.

At first, many sounds will be perceived at a higher frequency. Distinguishing different sounds and what they mean is an exercise for their brain, so it requires a bit of patience.

Adjustments Are Necessary

At first, some sounds will be startling, and others will seem louder than they are. Also, your loved one may experience whistling or feedback while they’re learning to insert and remove their aids properly.

It’s common to make multiple adjustments before finding the perfect settings. Remind your loved one to schedule a follow-up with their hearing aid specialist to check their settings.

We have convenient Apps that even allow us to make adjustments remotely.

Practice Speeds the Process

Encourage your loved one to try different sound settings to practice sound distinction. Listening to crashing waves, music, conversations, a breeze in the park– each has a different tone and resonance.

Be supportive and encouraging as they get the hang of it. It’s best to avoid places with several concurrent sounds like busy shopping malls at first.

Beltone has incredible options to ease their transition, including the Beltone Amaze product line, which connects wirelessly to iPhones and iPads.

Help them practice these new tools to boost their confidence in daily communication.

Conscious Effort Will Become Subconscious

Initially, every sound, from their hair grazing the hearing aid to the neighbor’s dog barking, will require intent focus. But like with any skill you practice, the conscious effort will soon become subconscious.

As their brain becomes familiar with the high-frequency sounds, auditory confusion will dissipate, and hearing will become more effortless.

Please encourage them to be kind to themselves as they adjust.

Rest is Necessary

New hearing aids are exciting and overwhelming at first, particularly if the hearing loss was profound and prolonged. Help them set a part-time schedule for wearing their device and ease into full-time use.

It’s important to lower the volume, take a rest, and tune out for a while so they aren’t exhausted.

It’s similar to someone switching a light on suddenly when you’ve been in the dark– it causes you to startle and shut your eyes. But once you’ve adjusted to the light, you go about your day without closing your eyes. Hearing aids “switch a light on” in your loved one’s ears, and they’ll need to take little breaks.

The sounds will become less jarring over time through consistent exposure.

Assistance is Always Available

Hearing aids are remarkably capable, but each person’s adjustment is unique. Remind your loved one that no one experiences perfect hearing the first time they turn their aid on. But with a bit of practice and tweaking, your family will reap the tremendous rewards of restored hearing.

Beltone Hearing is here to help every step of the way. If your loved one is experiencing challenges during this time, encourage them to visit their hearing care expert for advice.

Alternatively, please speak to our friendly team for advice on how to best support them.

Contact us with any questions you have.

It’s our pleasure to provide high-quality sound to your family.

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