Hearing aids, and personalized hearing care, could help save your life – and improve your quality of life along with it!

How Hearing Aids Can Help You Live Longer

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Hearing Aids

According to a study recently published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity journal, treating your hearing loss and wearing hearing aids regularly may help you live longer.

Dr. Janet Choi from the University of South California’s Keck School of Medicine examined how treating hearing loss affected mortality rates of almost ten thousand adults, measuring differences between individuals who wore hearing aids regularly versus those who never wore them at all.

“Hearing loss should not be counted as something related to a normal part of aging and there’s nothing that they need to do about it,” Dr. Choi says. “There’ll be even more studies coming out that will show that hearing aids are helpful, and they have a positive impact.”

How Do Hearing Aids Help Me Live Longer?

Individuals who wore hearing aids regularly have a staggering 24% lower mortality rate than those who have never worn hearing aids, regardless of age or the severity of their hearing loss.

The study also found that those with a hearing loss are at a 7% greater risk of developing dementia – and that risk doubles in those who don’t wear hearing aids.

Tinnitus, known as a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears, can also be remedied with hearing aids. They amplify everyday noises and drown out the buzzing associated with tinnitus, which makes it easier to focus on sounds that you want to hear, instead of the distracting buzzing.

Hearing loss has also been linked to social isolation and depression symptoms as engaging in conversations become more frustrating to engage in; hearing aids have been shown to improve social interaction and overall mental health.

Dealing with a hearing loss challenge is frustrating, isolating, and sometimes worrying for your holistic health.

But having a hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of; rather, it’s a sign that you’re living a busy life with lots of fun involved! Concerts, restaurants, and other loud environments are great, but the damage they do to your health often isn’t noticed right away.

Hearing aids, and personalized hearing care, could help save your life – and improve your quality of life along with it!

By taking charge of your hearing health, you can look after your ears with the latest and greatest in personalized hearing care. If you believe that you may have some level of hearing loss, don’t delay: get your hearing tested sooner rather than later.

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