Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning in Ohio and Michigan

Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning in Ohio and Michigan

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Imagine having the capacity to fine-tune your hearing by enhancing the clarity of individual voices, reducing background noise in various environments, or reduce the volume of painful sounds?

One of the most significant benefits of hearing aids is the capability to fine-tune your hearing as you move from one activity to another throughout your day. Because of the delicate, digital technology used in today’s hearing aids, regular cleaning and maintenance is a necessary part of ensuring that they perform as designed. 

Because we are dedicated to helping everyone in our area get the most out of their hearing devices, we offer hearing aid cleaning and performance checks in our 54 locations throughout Ohio and Michigan.

Hearing Aid Maintenance: Why is it Essential?

All hearing aid manufacturers and hearing care providers advise their users to establish a daily cleaning and inspection routine to ensure the device performs as designed.

Faithfully following the general care guidelines included with your device is the best way to avoid performance issues and costly repairs.

Hearing care professionals advise their clients to consider upgrading or updating their instruments within 3-6 years to ensure the best performance and take advantage of available technologies.

Our experts at Beltone Hearing are happy to guide you through the processes of cleaning, troubleshooting, and upgrading and have plenty of resources for you to get started.

We advise all hearing aid wearers to schedule an annual or semi-annual professional clean and check as a best practice in keeping your hearing aid in excellent working condition.

What Happens at a Clean and Check Appointment?

Our hearing care professionals have special equipment and experience, and training to conduct a more intense cleaning and inspection of your device.

We receive all instrument types and brand names for a clean and check service, which includes:

  • Clean earmold, shell, and tip
  • Inspect tubing
  • Check volume control
  • Clean and adjust battery contacts.
  • Inspect the receiver and microphone
  • Check all circuits and connections.
  • Replace batteries

We replace any defective components we encounter and attach your hearing aid to a listening device to check its performance. We also perform a hearing recheck if you haven’t had one within the past year.

When you call in for clean and check service, you can expect to have an appointment set within 48 hours. Whether you are a patient or non-patient, our experts perform this service without charge to those in our Ohio and Michigan service areas. 

Beltone Hearing Helps You Get the Most from Your Hearing Aids

No matter where you are in Michigan and Ohio, we want you to enjoy all of the advantages of excellent performing hearing aids. 

Beltone Hearing helps make that happen by providing cleaning, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Still, we take things a step further by encouraging you to take advantage of regular clean and check services to ensure the device is working as it should.

If you or a loved one wants to schedule a professional hearing aid clean & check with one of our experts, please contact your local office by clicking here.

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