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Your Hearing Aids Can Be Repaired, Don’t Buy New Ones Just Yet!

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

We understand that sometimes accidents happen, and your hearing aids could endure some wear and tear. If that occurs, then getting them repaired quickly is imperative. 

Many of the repairs we do happen while you wait. We have technicians onsite, so we can minimize the amount of time they are out of your ears.  

Hearing aids are a big investment because they are very sophisticated medical devices. They require an experienced professional to diagnose the issue and customize the adjustments.

Having prescribed hearing aids ensures you have someone to fix them quickly if anything goes wrong. When you buy hearing aids, it’s more than just an electronic device; it’s the treatment and care of your hearing health for the rest of your life. 

Most Common Hearing Aid Issues

Drops or Strikes — Storing hearing aids in the bathroom is common and makes for easy cleaning; however, this could be the most dangerous place. With all the tile, porcelain, and water in your bathroom, one slip of the hand could spell disaster. Dropping your hearing aids is no different than dropping your phone or laptop; so, it should all stay out of the bathroom.

Water Damage — Some hearing aids are water resistant, but none are waterproof. If your hearing aids take on water, remove the battery, if possible, and bring them to us. We have quick-drying instruments that can salvage your hearing aids before they become too saturated.

Wax or Dust Build-Up — Dusty hearing aids or a neglected wax screen are the most common repairs we make. This can be avoided with a regular cleaning routine. Try to get in the habit of cleaning them each night before going to bed to prevent costly repairs.

How Does Beltone Help?

We have onsite technicians and a strong relationship with the manufacturer of Beltone to ensure our training is always up to date. We know the importance of having your hearing aids and want to do everything we can to lessen that time without them. 

In the rare case we encounter a problem beyond our means, we rush it directly to the manufacturer. This is only in extreme cases for critical component replacement. 

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Replacement vs. Repair

This is a tricky question to answer because it depends on so many variables. Each repair case will be different to some degree, but in most cases, a repair will cost around $400. 

Repairs from water damage and drops are usually repaired by us onsite. However, we treat each issue separately and need to do a full inspection to fully understand the problems of your hearing aids. 

Replacement is the answer sometimes, but only after all repair options have been exhausted. Hearing aids these days are made tougher and more water resistant, so if we can fix them, we will. 

How to Know if Something Is Wrong

Sometimes problems gradually persist over time, and your hearing may be compensating for it. If you think this may be the case, bring them to us for a routine inspection. 

We will examine it physically and also check to see if the settings are still optimized to accommodate your needs. 

Even if you’re diligent with your cleaning routine, moisture can still find its way in. If you’ve visited anywhere humid recently or got caught in a major rainstorm, a check-up might be in order. 

Get in Touch with Our Technicians

Please contact us anytime to get more information on hearing aid repairs and whether or not they are worth the cost. We would be happy to discuss your options and explain to you the entire repair process. 

You only have two ears, so let’s make sure you’re enjoying them to the fullest. 

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