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Gift Ideas For Those With Hearing Loss

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Whether you’re a shopaholic or avoid the mall at all costs, festive shopping is a whole different ball game. You’ve got the added pressure of picking the perfect present for your loved ones or face that always ill-disguised look of disappointment. If you have a loved one with hearing loss that challenge can be even harder. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for people with hearing loss to suit all budgets.


Louder Jewelry

Developed by a person with hearing loss and tinnitus, this jewelry aims to connect people with hearing loss and demonstrate the fact, loud and proud. The beautiful range promotes awareness of hearing loss and a sense of community amongst those experiencing it.


Ding dong

Make sure your loved one with hearing loss never misses a visitor or delivery again with a WiFi doorbell that comes with video functionality. Anytime someone rings their doorbell they’ll get an alert on their cell and can even see who’s there.


Get connected

For elderly loved ones with hearing loss, staying in touch with family and friends can mean the difference between feeling isolated and depressed or feeling loved and connected. A captioned phone makes it a lot easier to follow phone conversations, taking the stress out of picking up that call.


Good morning

Waking up as the sun rises sounds like bliss but not something most of us get to enjoy. You can give the gift of a good morning to your loved one with hearing loss with an alarm clock that uses colored sunrise simulation to start the day off more naturally. Lumie does an excellent range.


A gift to amaze

If you are looking to really make an impact this holiday season, how about upgrading their hearing aids to the Beltone Amaze.  We don’t take this name lightly; we sure set out to truly amaze with unrivalled sound quality and excellent connectivity and recharge-ability.


To find out more about Beltone hearing aids or for help and advice with your or your loved one’s hearing health, get in touch with Beltone Hearing. Click here to find the closest hearing center in Ohio or Michigan.


Happy Holiday’s from us all of us here at Beltone Hearing!

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