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How to Survive Thanksgiving With A Hearing Loss

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

It took you a little while to adjust to your hearing loss, but you did it. Day-to-day you know exactly how to handle the different environments you encounter. But what about the holidays? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? You’ll be out of your normal environment, interacting with lots more people in a much noisier situation.

Here at Beltone Hearing we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun, so we’ve put together some helpful advice to get you through the holiday season.

Out of your normal environment

If you aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year, then you’ll probably be spending it in someone else’s house, a family member’s or maybe a friend’s place. Before you arrive on Thanksgiving day, find out from your host how things will be set up.

For example, will there be music playing or will the TV be on continuously? Will the lighting be appropriate for you to be able to read lips? Will there be a quiet area you can retire to if you need a break?

This is also a good time to speak to your host about ways they can make things a bit easier for you. You’ll probably feel more comfortable asking for adaptations before the big day when it is just the 2 of you, rather than in front of a crowd of Thanksgiving guests.

Interacting with lots of people

Asking fellow guests, even if they are friends and family, for a little understanding when it comes to your hearing loss can be tricky at first. Over time, you’ll get more confident asking for your needs to be met, it just takes practice.

It’s worth approaching guests before Thanksgiving who you know will be more receptive to talking about the challenges you’re facing with your hearing loss. Having just a few friendly faces, who know what you’re going through and are on hand to help, can make the day go much more smoothly.

Remember that you might need to keep asking people to repeat themselves or face you so that you can lip read. It’s important to be patient with yourself and others so that you don’t have a stressful day.

More noise than usual

Some of the noises of Thanksgiving, such as fireworks and music, have the potential to disrupt your ability to hear anything else. While your host can turn the music down, there isn’t much you can do about the bang and whoosh of fireworks. You can however protect your hearing from the loud sounds made by fireworks. Keep a good distance from them and wear earplugs. It isn’t just your ears that will need protecting, so bring along a bag of earplugs for everyone else too.


Get in touch with Beltone Hearing for more advice on how to enjoy Thanksgiving with hearing loss and for help with any other concerns you may have about your hearing health.

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