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How To Protect Your Hearing From Thyroid Problems

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Patient Resources

At Beltone Hearing, we know that our knowledge base has to extend beyond the hearing system in order for us to fully meet the needs of our patients. Although we are primarily hearing professionals, we must be aware of other issues in the body that can affect the hearing. All the body’s systems are interconnected, and your hearing system is no exception.

The role of the thyroid

Your endocrine system consists of glands all over the body which help to regulate its functions. Each has its own job to do but the one we are focusing on today is the butterfly-shaped gland that sits in the throat, called the thyroid.

The thyroid is often known as ‘the master gland’ because it controls the functions of the other glands. This means that, if something is wrong with the thyroid, it can upset the smooth running of almost any other system of the body. Thyroid dysfunction is quite common and it can take many forms.

How does thyroid imbalance affect your hearing?

The following issues are all hearing-related symptoms that can result from thyroid problems:

  • Balance issues and vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.

If you encounter any of these, you should talk to your medical practitioner straight away as well as making an appointment with a Hearing Care Professional. Sometimes they can occur alongside other symptoms, whereas some people only experience them as a result of treatment for a thyroid condition.

 What can you do?

All of this means that it is vital that you look after your thyroid as much as possible to prevent hearing-related issues. With support from your doctor, there are lots of natural tips that you can follow to help prevent thyroid problems such as:

  • A healthy diet – iodine is an essential component of the hormones that are produced by the thyroid. Ensuring you have a diet that is high in iodine, vitamin A, selenium and other supportive elements can be very beneficial to your health;
  • Pay attention to your environmental toxins – sometimes we have to think about literally detoxing our environment in order to feel better. Some harsh cleaning chemicals can disrupt the body’s thyroid to a high degree, so you need to research anything you choose to wash your home or yourself with;
  • Keep up regular appointments with your Hearing Care Professional – often, we can detect hearing issues in the initial stages before you become fully aware of them. If you experience hearing loss in conjunction with other symptoms, this is something you can report to your doctor so that they can diagnose and treat you faster.

At Beltone Hearing, we look forward to becoming part of your health care team and offering you support with any hearing conditions that result from illness or treatment. Book an appointment with a Hearing Care Professional in Ohio or Michigan online or call on 1-888-691-3821.

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