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Hearing Aid Users Report Sound Quality Issues With iPhone 12

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Industry News, Patient Resources, Technology

Working with our patients in Ohio and Michigan, we have come to recognize that working with technology causes plenty of frustration.

Though we tend to rely on tech giants like Apple to work out all the bugs when they release a new product or software update, that is not always the case.

Apple’s recent release of their iOS 14 software update, along with the simultaneous release of the new iPhone 12, is one example of one of the big guys dropping the ball.

Many Beltone users have purchased the new iPhone 12 and are experiencing difficulties in pairing their hearing aids to their new smartphone, causing them to think their hearing aids are broken. We understand the frustration and want to help put you at ease by discussing the problem and the response you can expect from Apple.

Users Report Pairing Problems

The primary concern for users with the new iPhone 12 shows up when they attempt to use Bluetooth to pair various devices to their smartphone. The problem seems to relate to the simultaneous release of the iPhone 12 with the iOS 14 software update.

Discussion forum users on Apple’s website have helped identify the source of the problem because most experience no pairing issues when using iOS 14 with an iPhone 11 Pro and older models, allowing the blame to rest solely on issues related to the iPhone 12.

The problem causes concerns for our Beltone hearing aid users when they use Bluetooth to connect their hearing aids to their iPhone 12.

Hearing Aids Produce Static

The primary concern is that hearing aid wearers experience a great deal of static or distortion when their instruments are paired to the iPhone.

Among the common complaints are uncomfortably loud noises, especially during a phone call, along with a sketchy connection often dropped in one or both ears.

Similar issues occurred in the fall of 2019 when Apple released their iOS 13 software update, which caused Bluetooth connectivity issues for hearing aid wearers with iPhone 11 smartphones.

Despite the experience, Apple doesn’t seem to have planned to work out the bugs involving their most recent simultaneous release.

Apple’s Response to the Issue

It is not hard to imagine the pressure on a tech giant like Apple as they work their way through the numerous bugs and faults associated with releasing a new device or software update.

Although many users were hopeful that a resolution to the problem would come with the iOS 14.2 update, issues continue to persist.

The tech giant reports that issues involving its Made for iPhone hearing devices are among the priorities for future iOS 14 software updates.

Though Beltone users are still up in the air as to when they will be able to enjoy the benefits of pairing their hearing aids to their iPhone 12 because user complaints relate to Bluetooth connectivity issues while pairing various types of devices, you can rest assured that your hearing aids are not to blame.

Beltone Is Here to Support You

Beltone can’t solve the problem on Apple’s behalf, so our only option is to continue to provide the same level of support our hearing aid users in Ohio and Michigan have come to expect from us.

Since Apple is aware of the issue and is working toward a solution, our best option is to encourage our patients to continue using their hearing aids to reap the awesome benefits they provide until the bugs are worked out.

In the meantime, we can help you with other troubleshooting issues, cleaning, and maintenance advice. Just contact Beltone today to learn more about the hearing aid services we provide.

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