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New Year Resolutions For Better Hearing Health

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Patient Resources

Whether you have hearing difficulties, or you are just conscious of your hearing needs, you can take steps to improve your hearing health in 2019. One of the services that we offer at Beltone Hearing is communication with our patients about the concrete things that they can do to change the way they hear or protect their ears from any damage.

Renew and refine the way you approach your hearing care with a few of these resolutions for the new year:


Face the issue

One of the first steps towards changing your circumstances is correctly identifying any issues that you might have. Maybe you are unsure about your hearing quality or you have accepted some level of diminished experience because you think it’s natural. Once you find out where you are, with the support of a hearing specialist like Beltone Hearing, there may be steps that you can take to reestablish a higher level of hearing quality.


Commit to using the tools that are available

Some people know they need a hearing aid, but do not relish the prospect of getting used to one. Sometimes people get hearing aids, but fail to use them for reasons such as not being able to get them to work easily. At Beltone Hearing, our goal is to offer you equipment that closely meets your needs, and supports you while you adapt, that you find it easy to start and to keep using it.


Talk to people

At first, it can seem difficult to talk to friends and family about hearing issues especially if you don’t want to draw attention to them. However, we can help you find ways to express your needs that is practical and clear. When you have these language tools at your disposal, you will feel like you are taking control of your hearing experience. You can then help others to join you in this, rather than asking for help or putting anyone out.


And finally… come and see us

Committing to regular appointments with a Hearing Care Professional is one of the best ways of ensuring your hearing your best in 2019. At Beltone Hearing, we make professional hearing care easily accessible and affordable to the residents of Ohio and Michigan with 39 offices for you to choose from.

You can book an appointment at a branch that is local to you and start your new year by looking forward to great hearing health.

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