The idea of modern ear protection is to combine the latest tech, with a design that looks and feels amazing.

Stylize Your Ear Protection

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Patient Resources

There was once a stigma around ear protection since their aesthetic appeal was never one to be favored.

As individuals, from all walks of life (i.e., entertainers) begun taking proactive steps in protecting their senses, various industries began evolving the build of their devices, to extend beyond functionality. The lure of instruments, such as hearing protection, have manifested in the form of a more modern, stylized design. The idea of modern ear protection is to combine the latest tech, with a design that looks and feels amazing. There are two companies leading the way, concerning the high-performing, aesthetically pleasing ear protection, and they are:


Loop earplugs are a circular, elegant, minimalist device that fits comfortably in your ear canal. Its purpose is to help preserve hearing by reducing sound, up to 20 dB, without distortion. They are perfect for those who enjoy going to concerts, or any noisy event, where their hearing is likely to incur damage.

How Does it Work?

  • Acoustic Resonance – A small opening in the Loop, allows sound waves to travel through, and pass along a hollow channel on the inside. This part of the Loop is known as the acoustic resonator, and its job is to mimic the length and resonance of your ear canal to ensure the sound remains natural.
  • Advanced Filter – An acoustic filter, placed at the end of the sound tube, lowers sound by 20dB, by reducing all frequencies equally.
  • Closing the Ear Canal – Because everyone’s ear is different, Loop provides earplugs available in many sizes, while simultaneously being equipped with memory foam that adjusts to your ear to ensure a snug fit, always. The sealing of your ear canal is done using an easy ear tip.


Knops is the world’s first hearing solution that works to filter out noises, based on your setting. In other words, if you are in the office, at a concert, or home, the ear pods will adjust accordingly when you choose between four different options.

What are the Four Options?

  • Option One: Maintains original sound.
  • Option Two: Will alter the sound to filter out noises associated with a vibrant city.
  • Option Three: Will alter the sound to adjust the volume of a live musical performance.
  • Option Four: Will alter the sound to create a tranquil work environment.

The Design

The shape of Knops is like a round volume button, with an inside shape mimicking that of a gramophone. It’s sleek, high-quality, and comes in many colors to fit your style.

How Does it Work?

For all that Knops offers, you’ll be surprised to know that you won’t need to use any external electronics, batteries, or apps to operate the device. Knops works with your ear canal to manage and reduce dB across all frequencies with minimal distortion, by mimicking the natural resonance of your ear, all within the device.

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