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Reliable Hearing Aid Repair in Metro-Detroit, Western Michigan, or Northern Ohio

It’s frustrating when an essential piece of technology gets broken or doesn’t work as designed. The temptation is to toss it into the junk drawer with all your other useless electronic gadgets, but you should resist that temptation if you have a malfunctioning hearing aid.

In addition to being powerful devices that help millions of people to better communicate with family, friends, and coworkers, hearing aids help improve balance, prevent cognitive decline and insure better mental and physical health. If you’re struggling with a hearing aid that’s not working, you’re probably asking questions, like:

How do I get my hearing aid fixed?
Is there a hearing aid repair shop near me?
Where do I find hearing aid repair in Metro-Detroit, Western Michigan, or Northern Ohio?

Our hearing aid technicians at Beltone Hearing understand that a broken hearing aid causes a lot of frustration, but your hearing aids are far too valuable to stop using them, which is why we provide ongoing troubleshooting, maintenance, and hearing aid repair for users in Metro-Detroit, Western Michigan, or Northern Ohio.

**We have the facilities to repair/support most major hearing aids but depending on the make/model, we may have limitations for making software updates or reprogramming devices.**

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Three Common Problems that Require Hearing Aid Repair

We’ve gotten a lot of experience repairing hearing aids, seeing thousands in our repair shop since we opened our doors, and we’ve found that most hearing aid repairs stem from one of three common problems:

1. Wax Buildup, which causes malfunctions in the delicate electronic components when it gets inside the casing.
2. Excessive Moisture, leading to problems with corrosion or shorting and the interruption of electrical connections.
3. Broken Components and Loose Wires, caused by daily wear, dropping and/or stepping on them, and/or faulty components.

Quick Tip: Start a daily habit of proper daily cleaning and care of your hearing aids, removing them when you shower or get in the pool or sauna, changing wax filters according to manufacturer instructions, and performing frequent inspections to identify problems early on are all ways to lower your repair bill. By faithfully committing to scheduled maintenance, you can extend the life of your device and improve its performance.

Hearing Aid Repair Service by Beltone Hearing

For the simplest problems, our hearing aid experts can provide the assistance and troubleshooting you need over the phone or using our tele-audiology service. Regardless of whether you wear a BTE, RIC, ITE, CIC, or IIC style hearing device, we’re able to expertly diagnose the problem, and, in most cases, make the necessary repairs so that you can hear better in no time.

Our hearing aid repair experts have the expertise, experience and equipment to find a quick solution to your hearing aid performance issues because we work with the Beltone manufacturer. We solve most repair problems in our office, but, when necessary, we can send them to the manufacturer to carry out certain repairs or replace critical components.

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5 Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair

#1 – Can I repair my device at home?

Call us to help with troubleshooting first and avoid trying to repair your own device. Home repairs might work in a pinch, but your hearing device is a finely tuned instrument that needs expert TLC to perform as designed. Keep them clean and dry, and let us worry about repairs.

#2 – Do you have to send hearing aids out for repairs?

Our technicians handle most repairs, like replacing battery doors, replacing cracked tubes, repairing tube blockages, and deep cleaning, in-house. To repair or replace some critical components we send them to the manufacturer using either Federal Express or DHL to ensure that they get back to you ASAP.

#3 – Can I get an emergency hearing aid replacement while mine is being repaired?

We’ll fix most hearing aid problems while you wait, but when we send them to the manufacturer or it’s going to take a few days to get them back to you, we don’t leave you hanging.

We keep a variety of used devices in our clinics, and we can provide you with a pair comparable to the ones you’re used to while you wait. They might not be an exact match to your regular pair, but they’ll do in a pinch.

#4 – What is the cost of hearing aid repair?

Repair costs depend on whether your hearing aids are under warranty and the type of damage they have. Units two-years-old or less are usually covered by your warranty, but older units may not be covered unless you have an extended warranty.

To repair a hearing aid that is out of warranty, you can expect a bill of $400 or more for problems like a broken microphone, a short, or water damage, while more extensive issues, like cracked casings, may cost more or may not be repairable.

#5 – Is it better to replace or repair?

Depending on whether your broken hearing aid is still under warranty, the type or severity of damage, and the age of your unit, replacement may be the better option. Consider replacing when:

  • Your device is more than five years old (to take advantage of new technology).
  • Your device has spent a lot of time in our repair shop.
  • Your device is cracked and/or are custom-molded, thus, repairs may not be possible.
  • Your prescription has changed, or you may want to take advantage of new technology that wasn’t available when you purchased your device.

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Though a malfunctioning hearing aid is frustrating, don’t toss your broken hearing aids in the junk drawer along with other useless electronic gadgets. Our hearing aid specialists at Beltone Hearing have the expertise, experience, and equipment to help with troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair so you can continue to get the most out of your hearing aids.

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