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America’s Original Hearing Aid Technology Continues to Provide Greater Benefits

Beltone has a rich 80-year history of providing the highest quality devices on the market. As America’s original hearing aid manufacturer, we continue as an industry leader by pushing the boundaries of research and development. Among our notable innovations was the development of the first “Made for iPhone” hearing aids.

What You Can Expect from Beltone’s Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

The same commitment to lead the way in advanced technology goes into every hearing instrument we produce, offering the highest quality sound available in a sleek, waterproof casing in the style that best suits your needs and personal preferences. We have the technology available to fit your personal circumstances, budget, and lifestyle, including:

Nearly Invisible Design

Bulky, heavy, glaringly conspicuous hearing aids are a thing of the past. Micro-digital technology allows us to provide you with higher-level performance devices in sleeker, compact, and lighter weight designs. Our selection of hearing instruments includes two main styles as well as custom styles.

Beltone Hearing Aids


Although you need help with your hearing, you still want to carry on with a lifestyle that is as close to normal as possible.

We’ve got you covered with our Beltone Imagine product line, which allows a wireless connection to iPhones and iPads (Android in our next software updates) by way of a free app. Beltone Imagine makes talking on the phone or listening to music easier than ever.


Beltone Hearing Aids

Powerful Performance

In addition to restoring your ability to hear, our hearing aid technology product line includes two superpower products. Boost and Bold instruments provide sharp, crisp sound and greater speech clarity regardless of the sound environment. Available on our BTE style devices, they come with wireless device connectivity as standard to make them, even more, user-friendly.

Beltone Hearing Aids
Beltone Amaze Hearing Aids

Rechargeable – No More Batteries

Changing batteries has always been one of the most fastidious aspects of hearing aid care, but battery changing is becoming a thing of the past. The Beltone Imagine offers two types of stylish and high-performance charges that charge through contactless technology to meet your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. 

Some of the features of the Beltone Imagine include:

Direct Audio Streaming

Beltone Imagine features direct audio streaming from iOS and Android devices, meaning you can directly stream all of your favourite services, streaming phone calls, GPS, internet radio, music, podcasts, and audiobooks with our upgraded mix-in audio streaming that eliminates connection delays.


Ultra Focus Technology

Ultra Focus ensures you’ll always have the best possible speech clarity, no matter the environment, without feeling isolated from what’s happening around you.

Speech Clarity in Wind Noise

The microphone in your ear lets you enjoy the sounds of your surroundings, including speech, without overpowering wind noise.

Process Multiple Sounds at Once

The all-new Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear (M&RIE) design allows you to process multiple sounds at once and easily decide what you want to listen to. It’s easier for you to stay engaged and enjoy conversations in social settings.

A Natural Approach

The all-new M&RIE feature works with each individual’s unique ear shape to collect sound just as nature intended. The sound that reaches your brain is filtered just for you, making it easier for you to identify and separate out the different sounds in your environment, so every conversation is easy and enjoyable.

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Schedule a Hearing Test to Take Advantage of Our Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

There are a lot of cheap hearing amplification devices sold over the counter or on the internet. However, without having a proper evaluation of your hearing impairment or proper programming of the device, you can do a lot of irreversible damage to your hearing by using these devices.

Rather than self-diagnose, start off with a professional hearing test to identify your needs and get the right customized solutions to meet your unique hearing care needs.

If you or a loved one is struggling to hear, fill out and submit our “schedule your hearing test” form. We will have one of our care coordinators call you to set up an appointment at the Beltone Hearing office nearest you.

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