We all do it. Every single one of us has something in our lives that we have been putting off forever.

It could be cleaning out the garage, fixing the dripping faucet, or finally getting around to reading that book your friend recommended.

It is not good to put things off when it comes to our health. Yet only 16% of Americans that need a hearing aid are actually wearing one. In fact, on average, people wait a whole 15 years from noticing hearing issues to when they actually go get it fixed!

So what are the signs that you should be putting a hearing health check on your ‘to do’ list?


1. The world is increasingly full of mumblers

Thinking that others are mumbling. Soft sounds within speech such as ‘th’ and ‘sh’ become much more difficult to understand.


2. Ringing, whooshing or buzzing in your ears

You are hearing sounds that others cannot hear – this can even be something that sounds like music. This could be a sign of tinnitus and can be either an ongoing issue or something that happens occasionally.


3. “What did you just say?”

You are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, and it is getting kind of annoying, both for you and for them.


4. Ding-dong

When was the last time you heard household sounds such that dripping faucet, the doorbell, or maybe the turning signal in your car? These sounds are all high frequency and can be the first to disappear.


5. Telephone trouble

You have trouble understanding people on the telephone, or if you have your back to them. This is because in these situations, you are missing visual cues, body language and lip-reading. They are all tools you may be utilizing more than you realize.


6. Stop yelling!

You keep being told you are talking too loudly. Often, people with hearing issues cannot hear how loudly they are speaking and are told to speak more quietly.


Are you experiencing one, or maybe more of the above signs? If you are, don’t put it off. Put your health first. Book an appointment for a hearing test at Beltone now.

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