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Frank S. Avatar
Frank S.
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I have received TOP QUALITY service from Steve, he is a professional and knows the equipment throughly inside and out. He loves his work and customers and makes you feel like Family. Laura is so welcoming and the two fill the office with love and friendship. You will not find a better place to help you with your hearing needs. I wish I could give them a 10 Star rating.

Camilo O. Avatar
Camilo O.
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Angela in Mexico was an amazing person, we meeting in a beautiful tourism place! Her personality is totally awesome!🙌🏻

Ethyl L. Avatar
Ethyl L.
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They are very helpful and make sure that you vacant hear and that your devices are working properly!

S B. Avatar
S B.
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Frank is Fantastic, I just transfer from Southgate and now I have a new set of hearing aids . I glad I found this office

RONALD W. Avatar
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I been coming here for over 8 years , I like mr Loor, he has always been helpful. He always makes sure my aids are clean and updated. I am thankful for him

Ken F. Avatar
Ken F.
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Frank loor is an amazing person , the office is very clean and organized, I love my hearing aids , I can actually change the volume on my phone . Highly recommend.

Richard T. Avatar
Richard T.
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Had a very educational experience with Dr Wolf and appreciated his taking the time to explain the hows and whys of such an important part of our health as our hearing.

Gary W. Avatar
Gary W.
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Frank Loor is the best! He is caring and compassionate with his patients. He takes his time and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure his patient is completely satisfied. Highly recommend!

Marlene H. Avatar
Marlene H.
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I like the Allen Park place better and it is more convenient for me coming from work.

lauren d. Avatar
lauren d.
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Great service!!!! Love to be greeted right when you walk in the door by Rachel!

twin s. Avatar
twin s.
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Amber, is the sweetest, most polite and professional person ever! She even makes the best "Hot Chocolate!"
Casey, is wonderful as well. If it wasnt for Covid, I'd still get a big hug from him, when leaving the office.
What a nice place to visit, after a long day's work.

Nancy H. Avatar
Nancy H.
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I brought my elderly mother here to get hearing aids a couple years ago. Dan and Peter have done a great job helping, the service is great. I would recommend anyone who needs hearing aids to go here.

Go B. Avatar
Go B.
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My father is very satisfied with his hearing he can hear very well now he doesn't complain about not hearing. I'm glad I came to this place with Dr. Andrews.

Terry W. Avatar
Terry W.
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I was extremely happy with my visits here. Everything was explained thoroughly and by Grant and he was patient with me in finding the right solution for me. I'm very thankful.

Dennis R. Avatar
Dennis R.
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I’ve had several attempts with hearing aids and no luck. Since I’ve been coming here I finally am having success with hearing aids. Whenever I have an issue I just come in and they take care of it. Worth every penny and I recommend them to all my friends.

Barbara W. Avatar
Barbara W.
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Very friendly and thorough. Helped me through technology. Hearing better. Quick adjustment to using them.

Ken G. Avatar
Ken G.
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Greg and Sue know extremely well the technical aspects of hearing equipment and use. They are well versed and able to tell the personal aspects of ear care. They also are very friendly, which makes me want to deal with them.

George S. Avatar
George S.
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Excellent experience here over the past couple of years!

Daniel F. Avatar
Daniel F.
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I been coming here for 3 years , Mr loor has always been so honest and understanding of my situation. He is a Gem

Greg G. Avatar
Greg G.
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Frank is an amazing person , caring for his patient, I really appreciate him , I drive 45 minutes to see him . Highly recommended

Gary C. Avatar
Gary C.
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Dave Leitz has done a great job of helping my parents to hear better. I highly whim to everyone.

Gary C. Avatar
Gary C.
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He really helps my parents.

Gary C. Avatar
Gary C.
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David Leitz is friendly and thorough. Always takes his time with my parents. I would highly recommend him him to everyone.

Kathleen F. Avatar
Kathleen F.
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David Leitz does a great job, and he really knows what he is doing. He is very friendly, and we really look forward to seeing him. He has helped my husband. I would recommend him to all!

Jennifer H. Avatar
Jennifer H.
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The customer service at this location is amazing. I brought in my 76 year old mother who has been wearing inferior hearing aids for years on New Years Eve day, and we were seen by Dan, who gave her a full hearing test and was extremely accommodating and kind. Her new hearing aids have already changed her life for the better. As a professional librarian who works in public service myself, I cannot recommend the lovely folks at this branch highly enough! If you go here, you will be in good hands.

Sandra M. Avatar
Sandra M.
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I have had a hearing loss for over 5 year's. I ordered a set of hearing aids on line and was very disappointed. I still could not understand conversations. Then I decided to give Beltone in Belleville a call. Best call I ever made. The staff was kind, professional and the Practitioner Vicki Harvey really took the time explaining the testing process and my hearing loss. She gave me options and I chose the new technology rechargable they are awesome. Highly recommend the Beltone in Belleville.

Thomas S. Avatar
Thomas S.
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I have been a client at Beltone in Belleville for eight years. I just stepped into new technology the Imagine the sound is so much clearer. The staff is helpful and courteous. Mrs Harvey explained the testing process and my loss. Shari is very helpful and so nice with making my appointments or scheduling if I need to change my appointment time. Highly recommend Beltone in Belleville. The knowledge and expertise of the staff at Beltone make this your Clear Choice.

Diana L. Avatar
Diana L.
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Great customer service know each personly first name basic

Richard V. Avatar
Richard V.
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Great hearing aids and great staff at the Sterling Heights location. Very happy

Shirley K. Avatar
Shirley K.
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I've been happy with the service since day one! I will be a patient here for life, first class!

Shannon G. Avatar
Shannon G.
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Always great service and personal attention. I have been working with Steven for 10 years, and he has been very helpful.

Gayl B. Avatar
Gayl B.
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I have had 3 sets of hearing aids that I wasn’t happy with! I have worked with Ginny and Ashley since 2018, and decided I was going to get a new set. I decided to do this because I truly trust these girls. The hearing aids are amazing, and I’m finally happy! Thank you so much Beltone, Ginny, and Ashley.

Rita L. Avatar
Rita L.
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We are so appreciative of the help we received from this office. My husband has had hearing loss for years and Grant Briolat finally gave him the gift of hearing back. Our only regret is not coming sooner

Tim H. Avatar
Tim H.
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Great place if your a Beltone customer, always very helpful

Don K. Avatar
Don K.
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The staff is very pleasant and helpful. Very happy with service, would recommend them to anyone. I really like being seen by same person at each appointment.

Dan F. Avatar
Dan F.
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I have had a great experience with Tony Caruso at Beltone. The Beltone hearing aids have been life changing… You simply don’t realize how much of your hearing is lost until you get it restored… Conversations are much easier to hear and music sounds good again…

Gerard B. Avatar
Gerard B.
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Molly was very helpful. Glad I went here.

PJ's P. Avatar
PJ's P.
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Very pleased with our experience here! Susan Giles was very helpful with chosing the right hearing aid. Don't know why we waited so long to make such a wonderful change 😊

PJ's P. Avatar
PJ's P.
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Very pleased with our experience here! Susan Giles was very helpful with chosing the right hearing aid. Plan on being a return customer 😊

Irene L. Avatar
Irene L.
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I saw Steve Whetstone for a new hearing aid. He was able to help me right away. He was friendly, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. He explained all my issues to me in a way that was easy to understand. Both Steve and the staff were very pleasant. It was a good visit. I would recommend him highly.

Marilyn R. Avatar
Marilyn R.
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I am very happy with my experience here! I am hearing things I haven’t in years! I am so thankful for Grant and Sara!

G G. Avatar
G G.
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Excellent service! Couldn't be happier with my new hearing aids!

Jerry H. Avatar
Jerry H.
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I would like to let everyone know that Robyn has a wonderful way of working with us. My dad is 93 and didn't think he needed hearing aids. She showed him the difference in what he was missing and now he wouldn't be without. Thank you Robyn for being so helpful and friendly. Jodi Hicks

Miller A. Avatar
Miller A.
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My Beltone hearing aides work fine from the beginning. Returns for adjustment were handled very professionally and I am pleased with my experience with Steven Whetstone’s service.

Connie B. Avatar
Connie B.
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We love going to see Robyn. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and fun.

Pam B. Avatar
Pam B.
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Vicki Harvey is a wonderful technician. She takes the time to explain any questions you might have, and the importance of cleaning and most importantly daily wear. She is also friendly and personable, making every patient feel comfortable and welcomed. I highly recommend the Belleville location to anyone seeking help for hearing loss.

Otis T. Avatar
Otis T.
- Google

Frank is so helpful, I really appreciate him and his staff .

william g. Avatar
william g.
- Google

Staff is very helpful and takes care of any issues I have. They have a lot of patience with me and I couldn't be happier

Janice N. Avatar
Janice N.
- Google

Vickie is so helpful and kind.
Glad I can hear again..
She'll work with you.
Great service

Rexanne S. Avatar
Rexanne S.
- Google

Dan has been the primary audiologist for my mother and he is fantastic! He never gives up and works diligently to get results. Going to him is always a pleasure for my mother. She has brain cancer and he always gives her hope. Belltone hearing aids work because Dan makes sure his clients are taken care of for life. He truly cares and it shows with the results he achieves. My family and I feel quite fortunate to have Dan taking care of my mom’s hearing issues!

Lois B. Avatar
Lois B.
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My husband and I have been going to Beltone in Battle Creek for several years. We have received great service there. Dr Greg Harris and receptionist Sue are professional, personal and take great care in meeting our needs.

romeodpr Avatar
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Dave Leitz is my Beltone guy. Great guy, very competent. Friendly and knowledgeable. Good guy to have on my team!

Sue H. Avatar
Sue H.
- Google

Casey Fletcher was very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me with adjusting my hearing aids so they were just right for me. I highly recommend him.

Richard S. Avatar
Richard S.
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Beltone Hearing Aid Center on Miller Road, in Flint is the absolute best Hearing facility ever! We have delt with Peter and his entire staff for many years. We have always received excellent and compassionate care and would highly recommend their services.

patricia c. Avatar
patricia c.
- Google

Great service it is almost like talking to a friend Anyone in the need to have a hearing test or hearing aids this is the place to go

Zoe P. Avatar
Zoe P.
- Google

Always so friendly.

Brian C. Avatar
Brian C.
- Google

I've had my hearing tested several times, nothing compares to the testing and service that Casey provided me. Beltone and the Hearing Care Practitioner, Casey have changed my life. I highly recommend Beltone!

Marcia A. Avatar
Marcia A.
- Google

David Leitz is compassionate and it is obvious he cares for his patients. Wonderful experience.

Nancy T. Avatar
Nancy T.
- Google

I was tested by Vicki Harvey yesterday She explained everything very well. Much better than I was every explained by ENT. She was very professional and welcoming. I NEVER FELT like A NUMBER. I could tell she cared. Today I picked up my new hearing aids and I love them . I had OTC hearing aids I bought online THEY SUCKED. Thank you again Beltone for everything this is a life changer

Marcie F. Avatar
Marcie F.
- Google

The screening was fast and painless. So glad we were able to have the screening done, and all our questions answered.

Juley S. Avatar
Juley S.
- Google

Casey is awesome. He works well with my elderly Mother. He explained in detail several times how to clean and change the batteries with great patience!! Thank you Casey !!

Rose K. Avatar
Rose K.
- Google

Amazing service ,love my new aids

Cynthia J. Avatar
Cynthia J.
- Google

Really great overall experience. Compared to one other company I saved over $1000.00 with Beltone. I love the practitioner and his secretary. The environment is very warming. You couldn't ask for any greater service. I would recommend this business for anyone. :))

Steve B. Avatar
Steve B.
- Google

They always show great care in taking care of my hearing loss. They bend over backwards to help with any problem whether it is your hearing aids or your scheduling of appointments.

Suzie W. Avatar
Suzie W.
- Google

Greg Harris the Hearing Care Practitioner has always exceeded our expectations, doing it in an excellent professional manner while still being very friendly and making my husband feel like he is a friend. Sue the Secretary has always gone out of her way to help my Husband too. They make you feel like you are family and they will take good care of your needs.

Oscar C. Avatar
Oscar C.
- Google

Time well spent, Great product, friendly, professional service! Thanks!

JEFF R. Avatar
- Google

What an awesome experience. My mom and myself both go here due to hearing loss.the people are friendly,very professional,just awesome customer service, we very happy and will definitely continue going for our hearing aid needs ps they sold us the hearing aids that were right for our ears, unlike other places who try to sell you the most expensive ones they have

Cheryl E. Avatar
Cheryl E.
- Google

Excellent staff from the receptionist Sue to the specialist Greg! They treated my mom with professionalism and kindness!

Jerry S. Avatar
Jerry S.
- Google

Service is excellent. Matthew is very helpful and knowledgeable

Kate H. Avatar
Kate H.
- Google

We brought our 88 year old father in for hearing aids and worked with Aaron Melch. Our experience was nothing less than fantastic. Our dad has severe dementia and Aaron was calm, understanding and fantastic with him. Since he has the new hearing aids, he is a new man! We purchased hearing aids that are linked to my iPhone and when one goes missing, which is a weekly event, the search app has taken us right to the missing hearing aid, which we never would have found without the app. The best money he has ever spent and it comes with fabulous service. You don’t need to think twice about working with Aaron/Beltone.

Kimberly O. Avatar
Kimberly O.
- Google

,This morning I took my 95-year-old mother to the Beltone Hearing Aid Center in St. Joseph, MI, due to a possible glitch with her hearing aids. She was seen by Dave Leitz. He very kindly took the time to check her ears and administer a hearing test, and he found that several aspects of her hearing had not previously been tested. He made several adjustments, and she is hearing better! I cannot praise him enough for his kindness, attention, and willingness to go the extra mile to assist her. I actually teared up with gratitude! I highly recommend Mr. Leitz and Beltone, and I will be seeing him myself if the need ever arises.

mary b. Avatar
mary b.
- Google

Thank you for Having an amazing staff here . Everyone was very helpful

da h. Avatar
da h.
- Google

Very helpful. Did everything needed. Well pleased.

Josh R. Avatar
Josh R.
- Google

The customer service here is out of this world! They are so nice and warm welcoming! Feels like I’m coming to visit family. They work with you in whatever way they can! Amazing services!

Phillip L. Avatar
Phillip L.
- Google

Angela has been very attentive to my needs. The imagine hearing aids are very clear sounding. I highly recommended Tiffin Beltone and Angela

Jenifer T. Avatar
Jenifer T.
- Google

Jeremy Weigandt is the best! I have come to see him for almost 10 years! So glad he is back in the business.

Ralph B. Avatar
Ralph B.
- Google

I started going to Beltone because my doctor closeup shop in the hospital and I needed a reputable replacement. My first visit was very informative and caring. I really felt I had made the right choice after meeting Mr. Steven. What impressed me the most was he himself was hearing impaired. I said wow , he listened and made recommendations. I am most please with the care and concern. All the staff is friendly and caring.
Thank yous...Steven, Jeremy and Lisa.

T S. Avatar
T S.
- Google

Angela is very energetic, friendly, and knows her product very well. She always is very professional and we have no complaints at all. She is quite an asset to your company.

Bernita S. Avatar
Bernita S.
- Google

Excellent service would reccomend !

R G. Avatar
R G.
- Google

My mother needed hearing aids for the longest time, about 20 years. Finally, a couple years ago, we finally made an appointment at Beltone in Southgate with Susan Giles. My mother and I were quickly reassured by her professional competence and her kind manner. We both felt very confident that Susan Giles would provide an accurate hearing evaluation that would take into account my mother's lifestyle, hearing aid experience and hearing expectations. It has been such a blessing for my mother to be a patient of Susan Giles. My mother is still very happy with her hearing aids and with the professional environment and care of this office.

Brigene Avatar
- Google

Took my Dad there. Dr. Dave was great.

Audrey F. Avatar
Audrey F.
- Google

Recently went to Beltone for a hearing test. Angela recommended Imagine hearing devices for me. I am very pleased so far with my hearing and the service. If it were 1-10 I would give her an 11.

Ellen Z. Avatar
Ellen Z.
- Google

I like my hearing aids and Aaron takes great care of me.

Tonya B. Avatar
Tonya B.
- Google

Dave is amazing!!! My grandma was fitted with Beltone hearing aids at a different location and did not receive the care she paid for. Her hearing aids hadn't been adjusted for 6-7 years and weren't doing anything for her anymore. After Dave adjusted them she couldn't believe they were the same hearing aids! He was completely honest and instead of trying to upsell her more expensive aids he got the ones she had purchased working with an explanation as to why it's important to wear them! A side note that if someone hasn't been able to hear for an extended period of time, don't go anywhere with them (for a couple of days) because they will most likely get sensory overload from hearing everything!!!

Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.
- Google

Went by Beltone in Plymouth and the staff Michelle and Aaron, offered excellent service. They were patient , helpful and informative!!!

Betty M. Avatar
Betty M.
- Google

Casey at Beltone made a tremendous impact on my life! I went from needing a whiteboard to communicate with my family to being able to hear them and use the telephone. I highly recommend!

Linda R. Avatar
Linda R.
- Google

Great place Dr Susan and staff the best if year looking for a Ear doc please see Susan at Belton southgatrmi

David A. Avatar
David A.
- Google

Aaron was very informative and knowledgeable about the aids. He gave a multiple choice of which one I wanted by price. I appreciated the help and assistance.

Kathleen R. Avatar
Kathleen R.
- Google

This Beltone location is so accommodating!
Thank you to the entire staff for your great service from going through the set up process to servicing and maintaining afterwards!!!

Penny G. Avatar
Penny G.
- Google

Stopped in today to ask some questions because I wasn't satisfied with the other company I was looking at to get my hearing aids. I didn't have an appointment but the nice lady at the desk got me back to see Eric and he was wonderful.I took another hearing test and went over everything that I needed the price was better. So was the guarantees and Eric set my mind at ease This was something I had never had to deal with before.But they are wonderful. I will be receiving my hearing aids in a few days again thank you Eric and your staff.staff. Penny

Martha M. Avatar
Martha M.
- Google

I have been very happy with the service here from day one. These hearing aids have helped me immensely to discover a world I didn't know I was missing our on. Thank you grant and sara!

Holly H. Avatar
Holly H.
- Google

I appreciate this office and the work they do. The hearing test they offer is so much more in depth than just listening to little tones here and there and raising your hand. Through my hearing test with them we found the reasons I was struggling to hear in different settings. They set me up with some hearing aids and never treated me like I was overreacting as other places had done. I highly recommend anyone struggling to hear to go see Dr Wolf in Plainwell or Dr Duggan in Portage.

Peg J. Avatar
Peg J.
- Google

I had minimal waiting time for my appointment with Angela. She checked my hearing aids and helped with syncing them to my phone. Great customer service!

Annette D. Avatar
Annette D.
- Google

I brought my dad in to Beltone for new hearing aids and the service has been outstanding!!!! Ginny Renas could not be more helpful and accommodating. She goes above and beyond to help and support the patient!!! And my dad can finally hear😂!!!

Elizabeth S. Avatar
Elizabeth S.
- Google

Everything has been great from start to finish! Excellent service and people! Would recommend!

Laura L. Avatar
Laura L.
- Google

My mother had a hearing aid from another provider but was very dissatisfied with the aid and the service. I brought her in to see Mr. Belkovski and she said he was "Amazing!" She has never had a hearing test with the kind of detail he showed her. Mom was fit with a new set of aids. Mr. Belkovski made sure she had all of the information she needed to be comfortable with her purchase. He was very patient with her and she loves her new aids. The regular visits to the office ensure that she continues to hear 100%. I highly recommend Beltone!

Laura L. Avatar
Laura L.
- Google

My mother had a hearing aid from another provider but was very dissatisfied with the aid and the service. I brought her in to see Mr. Belkovski and she said he was "Amazing!" She has never had a hearing test with the kind of detail he showed her. Mom was fit with a new set of aids. Mr. Belkovski made sure she had all of the information she needed to be comfortable with her purchase. He was very patient with her and she loves her new aids. The regular visits to the office ensure that she continues to hear 100%. I highly recommend Beltone!

Irma K. Avatar
Irma K.
- Google

Amazing customer service.Very friendly , trying to help Right away .Just getting to the office you meet Amber who takes care of the customers in a great manner.
Casey is awesome was ready to help fix my dad's hearing aids at once.

I recommend Beltone as a hearing aids service.
Great job.Thank you

Karen J. Avatar
Karen J.
- Google

Great place been coming here for years! They make my wife and I feel like Family and always take care of us!

Richard H. Avatar
Richard H.
- Google

Great service. They make you Feel like family. Always available for an appointment.

Monica P. Avatar
Monica P.
- Google

I am so happy with the service I've received here over the years. I love my new hearing aids and am grateful for ths help Grant and Sara have given me!

Matthew P. Avatar
Matthew P.
- Google

Great service. Very professional and helped me with my hearing needs. Glad i stopped in and highly recommend.

Jennifer H. Avatar
Jennifer H.
- Google

Frank is the best around, wouldn't go anywhere else for hearing aids, the service is top notch!

Linda H. Avatar
Linda H.
- Google

Super helpful. Helped my mom tremendously with her hearing. We are so thankful and recommend!

SUSAN S. Avatar
- Google

Dr Steve has been handling my mom’s hearing loss / hearing aids for a number of years. He is professional & knowledgeable while explaining hearing loss & it’s impacts & correction options plainly in understandable terms. I highly recommend him if you have concerns about your hearing.

Don G. Avatar
Don G.
- Google

I will only do business with this Beltone and Grant and Sara! They have helped me immensely with my hearing and just in general. They will be friends of mine for life!

Henry R. Avatar
Henry R.
- Google

I recently visited Beltone in Ann Arbor (Zeeb Rd), and purchased a new hearing device. The practitioner, Steven Whetstone, never rushed me, was pleasant, knowledgeable, and showed concern for what I needed to improve my hearing. Since receiving my new device, it has eliminated the distracting background noise and I can focus much better. Due to mastoid surgery when I was very young, I need a good proper fit, and Steven took the time and care to make sure it fit perfectly. The office staff is also very friendly and welcoming. My hearing has improved immensely since visiting. Hear's to you, Beltone!!

Beth P. Avatar
Beth P.
- Google

Fantastics service

Nona B. Avatar
Nona B.
- Google

Awesome office! Roy and Wendy are friendly and efficient.

Mo C. Avatar
Mo C.
- Google

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. These ladies are awesome. They are very patient and thorough explaining the process, making it easy to understand what's going on with your hearing. I would definitely recommend this place for all your hearing aid needs. These ladies are the best!

- Google

I was very impressed with the care and attention I received from Steven Whetstone, Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner at Beltone. He removed wax from both ears and administered a hearing test to provide me with an accurate baseline. Steven thoroughly explained everything, took time to ensure all my questions were answered, and provided helpful information, even though I did not require a hearing instrument/hearing aid at this time.

Michelle P. Avatar
Michelle P.
- Google

My mother came here due a recent loss of hearing. Steve Whetstone and team worked to get her fitted with hearing aids and scheduled recurring visits to maintain usage. A year later her hearing has improved remarkably; by 300%.
I would highly recommend this Beltone office. Staff is always professional and friendly.

Henry G. Avatar
Henry G.
- Google

Casey is very knowledgeable and always ready for ideas. The front desk girl is very nice and always ready to greet you as you enter the office. What a wonderful experience.

Matt P. Avatar
Matt P.
- Google

After a quick search online, I found Beltone, it was close to my house and I called and and they got me in quickly. The testing process was very easy. Molly explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions. I ended up needing hearing aids and again they got them in very quickly. Set up and fitment was very easy. Follow up appointments have been great to make sure everything fits well and to check how I am adapting to using them. I would 100% recommend Beltone Southgate, and Molly if you need to get your hearing tested.

Dorothy L. Avatar
Dorothy L.
- Google

I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of service. Aaron Melch is extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Am referring family and friends.

Angela P. Avatar
Angela P.
- Google

Vicky is very good at what she does. She makes sure that you understand what is happening with your hearing and is genuinely concerned that you are completely comfortable with your products. It is amazing how differently I hear things now. The best decision I made was coming here.

Rebecca O. Avatar
Rebecca O.
- Google

These ladies are the best!! They accommodate my grandmother! Anytime she needs her hearing aides cleaned or checked they are right there to help. They will even come out to the car to get the hearing aids and take them in inside to do so! I very much recommend!

Amy G. Avatar
Amy G.
- Google

CASEY IS AMAZING!!!! VERY NICE, VERY HELPFUL, EXPLAINS things to mom so she and I can understand.

Paul H. Avatar
Paul H.
- Google

I am beyond thrilled with my new Beltone hearing aids! I am a musician, a teacher and part of a trivia team. Whether playing music or teaching it, the sound is SO good! And, the first night I got my new hearing aids I went to a trivia contest, which was held in a very noisy room. I was pleasantly surprised at how I was able to filter out the room noise, and still hear my teammates clearly! And Eric and Tina at the Beltone office were great! Thank you!

John B. Avatar
John B.
- Google

Very nice atmosphere greatest people i have ever had the pleasure to deal with i really enjoy going there

Tim H. Avatar
Tim H.
- Google

Never ever knew this one was located here. I came in no appointment due to my right hearing aid wasn't working. Took care of it no questions asked right away. Will definitely come back again.

Cindy P. Avatar
Cindy P.
- Google

I had never had a hearing test done but lately my husband felt the TV volume was higher than before. I made an appointment with David Wolf at the Plainwell, MI Beltone location. I did not know what to expect but was delighted in the amount of information he gave me, the thoroughness of the testing, and how much more educated I now am. I also know what to possibly expect in the future for the need of hearing aids. For me the end result was to be checked again in a couple of years! Professional and courteous office.

Kassandra C. Avatar
Kassandra C.
- Google

My husband's grandmother raves about the care and attention she receives every time she has an appointment here. She truly appreciates Tony and his professionalism. He helps solve any issues she has with her hearing aid.

danielle h. Avatar
danielle h.
- Google

My husband and I were traveling through from NYS when my husband's hearing aid stopped working... The fella at the Beltone Heatherdowns shop, Tony, was very professional, personable, and helpful. He fixed the issue with the hearing aid so I could return to nagging my hubby ...Great service!

Tonya T. Avatar
Tonya T.
- Google

Great place to work, I love helping our patients hear better.

Sharon Y. Avatar
Sharon Y.
- Google

I was traveling from out of town and my Beltone hearing was not working. The service is as excellent, very prompt, courteous, helpful. I highly recommend this very professional hearing aid center. Thanks

Ryan C. Avatar
Ryan C.
- Google

My grandmother went here for hearing aids. She spoke very highly of Tony who provided excellent service, 10/10!

Vince S. Avatar
Vince S.
- Google

Casey was awesome, extremely nice and very professional. He is very knowledgeable as well!

Dan -. Avatar
Dan -.
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Brennen has given us great service for several years and has always been accessible when we need him. I recently was informed by my doctor that I could be a candidate for a cochlear implant, yet Brennen informed me that Beltane has a very wide range of devices that can continue to accommodate any additional hearing loss. I am at ease and will continue to recommend this offices services to any of my friends or close loved ones.

Peggy D. Avatar
Peggy D.
- Google

Great service

Manuel R. Avatar
Manuel R.
- Google

There are only good things that I can say about the Beltone Center in Davison and the care that I have received from Grant Briolat (hearing aid specialist) and his assistant Sara. Their attitude and demeanor has always been of the highest professional perspective. They both desire to help and CARE for their patients and their service absolutely demonstrates that. Mr. Briolat has been very attentive as I have been under his care which led to the upgrade of my 6 year old instruments to new higher capable ones that have made significant results in my daily life. Sara has always been professional in the follow-up of my appointments and helpful reminders of things that I have to do. The Beltone Hearing Aid Center in Davison under the leadership of Grant and Sara provides the type of care that any person desires to receive when being cared for by any medical professional.

Sue J. Avatar
Sue J.
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Eric and his staff are very helpful and very knowledgeable! I'm wearing the new Imagine Hearing aids and they really do make a difference, I'm very thankful for going good to Beltone

Jennifer M. Avatar
Jennifer M.
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My mother has hearing aids which she purchased from Beltone in Kenton Ohio. Angela is not only knowledgeable about the devices themselves but also the inner ear!!! As mom is in assisted living, we were unable to take her out for over a year which led to ears being clogged. Angela sent us home and suggested sweet oil for a week to loosen wax. Took mom back today and Angela flushed out inner ears and mom can hear again!!!!!!!! Angela is wonderful with the elderly. Very empathetic. So very pleased. I would suggest Kenton Beltone for all your hearing aid needs.

Dan S. Avatar
Dan S.
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I value competence and customer service and this location absolutely rings the bell. The audiologist Vicki is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional who goes the extra mile to ensure the best solution to your hearing problems. I can hear better than I have in years and I highly recommend their services to anybody who needs help with their hearing

Gail V. Avatar
Gail V.
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Vicky is VERY Knowledgeable, Professional & Personable
Beltone Is a World Leader in Hearing Care! When it comes to your hearing don’t settle for second best. Go to Beltone as they Specialize in hearing loss & stand behind their products/services.
Thank You Vicky for taking such great care of us
WE SUPORT LOCAL COMMUNITY BUSINESSES as they support our local community

Cynthia H. Avatar
Cynthia H.
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This place is a good place to come and see about your hearing. Everyone had such a pleasant attitude. They take up a lot of time with you. They are open for all your questions that you may have. I really appreciate how they explain things. I love going there and I am happy to be with them

Dave R. Avatar
Dave R.
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Great place excellent service! I'll be a customer for life!

Susan R. Avatar
Susan R.
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The products, the service, and the staff are all tremendous! I highly recommend Beltone GR for people who are struggling with their hearing!

Ginny B. Avatar
Ginny B.
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Excellent service with Angela. New hearing aids work wonderfully. So happy to hear again!

Millie V. Avatar
Millie V.
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Very helpful, easily accessible, friendly and professional! They’re the best!

Chris S. Avatar
Chris S.
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My elderly dad (age 90) lost most of his hearing at a very young age. He has always struggled with getting an appropriate aid suited for his particular needs, as well as the proper fit. He decided to try Beltone in Ann Arbor, and he finally received the time and care that he needed! Steve Whetstone, the Hearing Care Practitioner, was professional and caring and explained all of the available options. He was very thorough and laser focused on improving my Dad's hearing experience. My Dad never felt rushed as he had in the past at other hearing centers in the area. Steve took great care to explain the use of the hearing aid device, as well as the technology aspect regarding settings that are paired with the cell phone. Steve was extremely patient, helpful, and happy to answer any questions my Dad had. Most importantly, his new hearing aid has made a tremendous improvement in the quality of his hearing!

Bob G. Avatar
Bob G.
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Good service.

Rudy1953 1. Avatar
Rudy1953 1.
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Thank you Dave Leitz for your prompt and quality service. We appreciate your honest and professional attention. We need more like you.

Robert J. Avatar
Robert J.
- Google

I have been a Beltone client for years, the hearing aids work well and the service is great, Angela is very helpful.

Tessa M. Avatar
Tessa M.
- Google

I’ve been going to this location for over three years now and have had nothing but great service every time I go in. Both Brennen & Karensue are always very friendly and helpful with any issues or questions I might have. Brennen is very helpful with making sure my hearing aides are always working good and checking on any adjustments that I may need or my hearing aides may need.

Peggy L. Avatar
Peggy L.
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I really appreciate Susan. When I call her she’ll take me right in. I can hear so much better. She’s excellent!!

Jill W. Avatar
Jill W.
- Google

Casey at Beltone was wonderful!! I LOVE my new hearing aids. They work much better than my old ones I had from an ENT specialist. Also, when I called the office, the office receptionist was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Casey at Beltone!

Chad W. Avatar
Chad W.
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Casey is very conscience of your personal needs, and if it’s not perfect, he will make sure he gets you there! Thank you Casey!

Diane T. Avatar
Diane T.
- Google

My mother, who is ninety-six years old, suffers from dementia, and profound hearing loss. After reading the glowing online reviews, I knew that she would be in good hands at Beltone Livonia. We were treated with such kindness and compassion by Steven and Jeremy, and the entire office staff. My Mom is finally able to hear again after years of silence, thanks to the wonderful professional care that she received at Beltone Livonia.

Brian H. Avatar
Brian H.
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Went there last week. Alyssa Fralick
Was very helpful and knowledgeable.