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Linda R. Avatar
Linda R.
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Great place Dr Susan and staff the best if year looking for a Ear doc please see Susan at Belton southgatrmi

David A. Avatar
David A.
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Aaron was very informative and knowledgeable about the aids. He gave a multiple choice of which one I wanted by price. I appreciated the help and assistance.

Kathleen R. Avatar
Kathleen R.
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This Beltone location is so accommodating!
Thank you to the entire staff for your great service from going through the set up process to servicing and maintaining afterwards!!!

Penny G. Avatar
Penny G.
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Stopped in today to ask some questions because I wasn't satisfied with the other company I was looking at to get my hearing aids. I didn't have an appointment but the nice lady at the desk got me back to see Eric and he was wonderful.I took another hearing test and went over everything that I needed the price was better. So was the guarantees and Eric set my mind at ease This was something I had never had to deal with before.But they are wonderful. I will be receiving my hearing aids in a few days again thank you Eric and your staff.staff. Penny

Martha M. Avatar
Martha M.
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I have been very happy with the service here from day one. These hearing aids have helped me immensely to discover a world I didn't know I was missing our on. Thank you grant and sara!

Holly H. Avatar
Holly H.
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I appreciate this office and the work they do. The hearing test they offer is so much more in depth than just listening to little tones here and there and raising your hand. Through my hearing test with them we found the reasons I was struggling to hear in different settings. They set me up with some hearing aids and never treated me like I was overreacting as other places had done. I highly recommend anyone struggling to hear to go see Dr Wolf in Plainwell or Dr Duggan in Portage.

Peg J. Avatar
Peg J.
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I had minimal waiting time for my appointment with Angela. She checked my hearing aids and helped with syncing them to my phone. Great customer service!

Annette D. Avatar
Annette D.
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I brought my dad in to Beltone for new hearing aids and the service has been outstanding!!!! Ginny Renas could not be more helpful and accommodating. She goes above and beyond to help and support the patient!!! And my dad can finally hear😂!!!

Elizabeth S. Avatar
Elizabeth S.
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Everything has been great from start to finish! Excellent service and people! Would recommend!

Laura L. Avatar
Laura L.
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My mother had a hearing aid from another provider but was very dissatisfied with the aid and the service. I brought her in to see Mr. Belkovski and she said he was "Amazing!" She has never had a hearing test with the kind of detail he showed her. Mom was fit with a new set of aids. Mr. Belkovski made sure she had all of the information she needed to be comfortable with her purchase. He was very patient with her and she loves her new aids. The regular visits to the office ensure that she continues to hear 100%. I highly recommend Beltone!

Laura L. Avatar
Laura L.
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My mother had a hearing aid from another provider but was very dissatisfied with the aid and the service. I brought her in to see Mr. Belkovski and she said he was "Amazing!" She has never had a hearing test with the kind of detail he showed her. Mom was fit with a new set of aids. Mr. Belkovski made sure she had all of the information she needed to be comfortable with her purchase. He was very patient with her and she loves her new aids. The regular visits to the office ensure that she continues to hear 100%. I highly recommend Beltone!

Irma K. Avatar
Irma K.
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Amazing customer service.Very friendly , trying to help Right away .Just getting to the office you meet Amber who takes care of the customers in a great manner.
Casey is awesome was ready to help fix my dad's hearing aids at once.

I recommend Beltone as a hearing aids service.
Great job.Thank you

Karen J. Avatar
Karen J.
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Great place been coming here for years! They make my wife and I feel like Family and always take care of us!

Richard H. Avatar
Richard H.
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Great service. They make you Feel like family. Always available for an appointment.

Monica P. Avatar
Monica P.
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I am so happy with the service I've received here over the years. I love my new hearing aids and am grateful for ths help Grant and Sara have given me!

Matthew P. Avatar
Matthew P.
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Great service. Very professional and helped me with my hearing needs. Glad i stopped in and highly recommend.

Jennifer H. Avatar
Jennifer H.
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Frank is the best around, wouldn't go anywhere else for hearing aids, the service is top notch!

Linda H. Avatar
Linda H.
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Super helpful. Helped my mom tremendously with her hearing. We are so thankful and recommend!

SUSAN S. Avatar
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Dr Steve has been handling my mom’s hearing loss / hearing aids for a number of years. He is professional & knowledgeable while explaining hearing loss & it’s impacts & correction options plainly in understandable terms. I highly recommend him if you have concerns about your hearing.

Don G. Avatar
Don G.
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I will only do business with this Beltone and Grant and Sara! They have helped me immensely with my hearing and just in general. They will be friends of mine for life!

Henry R. Avatar
Henry R.
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I recently visited Beltone in Ann Arbor (Zeeb Rd), and purchased a new hearing device. The practitioner, Steven Whetstone, never rushed me, was pleasant, knowledgeable, and showed concern for what I needed to improve my hearing. Since receiving my new device, it has eliminated the distracting background noise and I can focus much better. Due to mastoid surgery when I was very young, I need a good proper fit, and Steven took the time and care to make sure it fit perfectly. The office staff is also very friendly and welcoming. My hearing has improved immensely since visiting. Hear's to you, Beltone!!

Beth P. Avatar
Beth P.
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Fantastics service

Nona B. Avatar
Nona B.
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Awesome office! Roy and Wendy are friendly and efficient.

Mo C. Avatar
Mo C.
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Very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. These ladies are awesome. They are very patient and thorough explaining the process, making it easy to understand what's going on with your hearing. I would definitely recommend this place for all your hearing aid needs. These ladies are the best!

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I was very impressed with the care and attention I received from Steven Whetstone, Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner at Beltone. He removed wax from both ears and administered a hearing test to provide me with an accurate baseline. Steven thoroughly explained everything, took time to ensure all my questions were answered, and provided helpful information, even though I did not require a hearing instrument/hearing aid at this time.

Michelle P. Avatar
Michelle P.
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My mother came here due a recent loss of hearing. Steve Whetstone and team worked to get her fitted with hearing aids and scheduled recurring visits to maintain usage. A year later her hearing has improved remarkably; by 300%.
I would highly recommend this Beltone office. Staff is always professional and friendly.

Henry G. Avatar
Henry G.
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Casey is very knowledgeable and always ready for ideas. The front desk girl is very nice and always ready to greet you as you enter the office. What a wonderful experience.

Matt P. Avatar
Matt P.
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After a quick search online, I found Beltone, it was close to my house and I called and and they got me in quickly. The testing process was very easy. Molly explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions. I ended up needing hearing aids and again they got them in very quickly. Set up and fitment was very easy. Follow up appointments have been great to make sure everything fits well and to check how I am adapting to using them. I would 100% recommend Beltone Southgate, and Molly if you need to get your hearing tested.

Dorothy L. Avatar
Dorothy L.
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I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of service. Aaron Melch is extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Am referring family and friends.

Angela P. Avatar
Angela P.
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Vicky is very good at what she does. She makes sure that you understand what is happening with your hearing and is genuinely concerned that you are completely comfortable with your products. It is amazing how differently I hear things now. The best decision I made was coming here.

Rebecca O. Avatar
Rebecca O.
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These ladies are the best!! They accommodate my grandmother! Anytime she needs her hearing aides cleaned or checked they are right there to help. They will even come out to the car to get the hearing aids and take them in inside to do so! I very much recommend!

Amy G. Avatar
Amy G.
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CASEY IS AMAZING!!!! VERY NICE, VERY HELPFUL, EXPLAINS things to mom so she and I can understand.

Paul H. Avatar
Paul H.
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I am beyond thrilled with my new Beltone hearing aids! I am a musician, a teacher and part of a trivia team. Whether playing music or teaching it, the sound is SO good! And, the first night I got my new hearing aids I went to a trivia contest, which was held in a very noisy room. I was pleasantly surprised at how I was able to filter out the room noise, and still hear my teammates clearly! And Eric and Tina at the Beltone office were great! Thank you!

John B. Avatar
John B.
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Very nice atmosphere greatest people i have ever had the pleasure to deal with i really enjoy going there

Tim H. Avatar
Tim H.
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Never ever knew this one was located here. I came in no appointment due to my right hearing aid wasn't working. Took care of it no questions asked right away. Will definitely come back again.

Cindy P. Avatar
Cindy P.
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I had never had a hearing test done but lately my husband felt the TV volume was higher than before. I made an appointment with David Wolf at the Plainwell, MI Beltone location. I did not know what to expect but was delighted in the amount of information he gave me, the thoroughness of the testing, and how much more educated I now am. I also know what to possibly expect in the future for the need of hearing aids. For me the end result was to be checked again in a couple of years! Professional and courteous office.

Kassandra C. Avatar
Kassandra C.
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My husband's grandmother raves about the care and attention she receives every time she has an appointment here. She truly appreciates Tony and his professionalism. He helps solve any issues she has with her hearing aid.

danielle h. Avatar
danielle h.
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My husband and I were traveling through from NYS when my husband's hearing aid stopped working... The fella at the Beltone Heatherdowns shop, Tony, was very professional, personable, and helpful. He fixed the issue with the hearing aid so I could return to nagging my hubby ...Great service!

Tonya T. Avatar
Tonya T.
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Great place to work, I love helping our patients hear better.

Sharon Y. Avatar
Sharon Y.
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I was traveling from out of town and my Beltone hearing was not working. The service is as excellent, very prompt, courteous, helpful. I highly recommend this very professional hearing aid center. Thanks

Ryan C. Avatar
Ryan C.
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My grandmother went here for hearing aids. She spoke very highly of Tony who provided excellent service, 10/10!

Vince S. Avatar
Vince S.
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Casey was awesome, extremely nice and very professional. He is very knowledgeable as well!

Dan -. Avatar
Dan -.
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Brennen has given us great service for several years and has always been accessible when we need him. I recently was informed by my doctor that I could be a candidate for a cochlear implant, yet Brennen informed me that Beltane has a very wide range of devices that can continue to accommodate any additional hearing loss. I am at ease and will continue to recommend this offices services to any of my friends or close loved ones.

Peggy D. Avatar
Peggy D.
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Great service

Manuel R. Avatar
Manuel R.
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There are only good things that I can say about the Beltone Center in Davison and the care that I have received from Grant Briolat (hearing aid specialist) and his assistant Sara. Their attitude and demeanor has always been of the highest professional perspective. They both desire to help and CARE for their patients and their service absolutely demonstrates that. Mr. Briolat has been very attentive as I have been under his care which led to the upgrade of my 6 year old instruments to new higher capable ones that have made significant results in my daily life. Sara has always been professional in the follow-up of my appointments and helpful reminders of things that I have to do. The Beltone Hearing Aid Center in Davison under the leadership of Grant and Sara provides the type of care that any person desires to receive when being cared for by any medical professional.

Sue J. Avatar
Sue J.
- Google

Eric and his staff are very helpful and very knowledgeable! I'm wearing the new Imagine Hearing aids and they really do make a difference, I'm very thankful for going good to Beltone

Jennifer M. Avatar
Jennifer M.
- Google

My mother has hearing aids which she purchased from Beltone in Kenton Ohio. Angela is not only knowledgeable about the devices themselves but also the inner ear!!! As mom is in assisted living, we were unable to take her out for over a year which led to ears being clogged. Angela sent us home and suggested sweet oil for a week to loosen wax. Took mom back today and Angela flushed out inner ears and mom can hear again!!!!!!!! Angela is wonderful with the elderly. Very empathetic. So very pleased. I would suggest Kenton Beltone for all your hearing aid needs.

Dan S. Avatar
Dan S.
- Google

I value competence and customer service and this location absolutely rings the bell. The audiologist Vicki is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional who goes the extra mile to ensure the best solution to your hearing problems. I can hear better than I have in years and I highly recommend their services to anybody who needs help with their hearing

Gail V. Avatar
Gail V.
- Google

Vicky is VERY Knowledgeable, Professional & Personable
Beltone Is a World Leader in Hearing Care! When it comes to your hearing don’t settle for second best. Go to Beltone as they Specialize in hearing loss & stand behind their products/services.
Thank You Vicky for taking such great care of us
WE SUPORT LOCAL COMMUNITY BUSINESSES as they support our local community

Cynthia H. Avatar
Cynthia H.
- Google

This place is a good place to come and see about your hearing. Everyone had such a pleasant attitude. They take up a lot of time with you. They are open for all your questions that you may have. I really appreciate how they explain things. I love going there and I am happy to be with them

Dave R. Avatar
Dave R.
- Google

Great place excellent service! I'll be a customer for life!

Susan R. Avatar
Susan R.
- Google

The products, the service, and the staff are all tremendous! I highly recommend Beltone GR for people who are struggling with their hearing!

Ginny B. Avatar
Ginny B.
- Google

Excellent service with Angela. New hearing aids work wonderfully. So happy to hear again!

Millie V. Avatar
Millie V.
- Google

Very helpful, easily accessible, friendly and professional! They’re the best!

Chris S. Avatar
Chris S.
- Google

My elderly dad (age 90) lost most of his hearing at a very young age. He has always struggled with getting an appropriate aid suited for his particular needs, as well as the proper fit. He decided to try Beltone in Ann Arbor, and he finally received the time and care that he needed! Steve Whetstone, the Hearing Care Practitioner, was professional and caring and explained all of the available options. He was very thorough and laser focused on improving my Dad's hearing experience. My Dad never felt rushed as he had in the past at other hearing centers in the area. Steve took great care to explain the use of the hearing aid device, as well as the technology aspect regarding settings that are paired with the cell phone. Steve was extremely patient, helpful, and happy to answer any questions my Dad had. Most importantly, his new hearing aid has made a tremendous improvement in the quality of his hearing!

Rudy1953 1. Avatar
Rudy1953 1.
- Google

Thank you Dave Leitz for your prompt and quality service. We appreciate your honest and professional attention. We need more like you.

Robert J. Avatar
Robert J.
- Google

I have been a Beltone client for years, the hearing aids work well and the service is great, Angela is very helpful.

Tessa M. Avatar
Tessa M.
- Google

I’ve been going to this location for over three years now and have had nothing but great service every time I go in. Both Brennen & Karensue are always very friendly and helpful with any issues or questions I might have. Brennen is very helpful with making sure my hearing aides are always working good and checking on any adjustments that I may need or my hearing aides may need.

Peggy L. Avatar
Peggy L.
- Google

I really appreciate Susan. When I call her she’ll take me right in. I can hear so much better. She’s excellent!!

Jill W. Avatar
Jill W.
- Google

Casey at Beltone was wonderful!! I LOVE my new hearing aids. They work much better than my old ones I had from an ENT specialist. Also, when I called the office, the office receptionist was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Casey at Beltone!

Chad W. Avatar
Chad W.
- Google

Casey is very conscience of your personal needs, and if it’s not perfect, he will make sure he gets you there! Thank you Casey!

Diane T. Avatar
Diane T.
- Google

My mother, who is ninety-six years old, suffers from dementia, and profound hearing loss. After reading the glowing online reviews, I knew that she would be in good hands at Beltone Livonia. We were treated with such kindness and compassion by Steven and Jeremy, and the entire office staff. My Mom is finally able to hear again after years of silence, thanks to the wonderful professional care that she received at Beltone Livonia.

Brian H. Avatar
Brian H.
- Google

Went there last week. Alyssa Fralick
Was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Roscoe W. Avatar
Roscoe W.
- Google

I enjoy my Beltone products and Brennen in the Grand Rapids office has helped me out 100% with everything I’ve needed!

Dulce M. Avatar
Dulce M.
- Google

David Leitrim has been very helpful and Polite. I love the way he treats his patients. He really listens to what you have to say. I would recommend him to everyone.

Gail B. Avatar
Gail B.
- Google

Wonderful rapport! Tinnitus is less irritating. Can actually enjoy tv now.

Lizabeth S. Avatar
Lizabeth S.
- Google

Great service thank you for your help

Cheryl G. Avatar
Cheryl G.
- Google

Excellent service and excellent people. Has been a very pleasant experience.

CATHY Avatar
- Google

Eric is awesome. I never want to see anybody but him. Had a great time helping Alex learn how to do the hearing test. He was awesome.

Bill W. Avatar
Bill W.
- Google

Angela has met all of my expectations and the new Imagine hearing aids have made a world of difference.

Nancy G. Avatar
Nancy G.
- Google

We're very happy with the progress of my husband's hearing and would recommend Beltone and Angela to anyone looking for hearing help. She is so kind!!

m d. Avatar
m d.
- Google

Five Stars all the way! I needed ear impressions made for some high-end in-ears as I am a part time musician. I called them at 9 am and they got me in at 10 am. Super nice, so accomodating, great experience!!!

Ronald V. Avatar
Ronald V.
- Google

Aaron took his time with me. I had to return twice for adjustments. The hearing aids are working fine.

Chuck P. Avatar
Chuck P.
- Google

Good service good personality. Definitely recommend

Victoria W. Avatar
Victoria W.
- Google

WOW... all I can say is wow!! I am totally in awe and speechless at the professionalism and genuine care and compassion of Dr. Loor and his staff. He assisted me in ways that I didn’t even know to ask to have all I needed providing the necessary hearing equipment which is life changing for me considering I haven’t been able to hear clearly in years... Well exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you again?

Sue C. Avatar
Sue C.
- Google

I love my hearing aids and the service I receive. Highly recommended.

Amber R. Avatar
Amber R.
- Google

I couldn't suggest a better group of people to take care of your hearing needs! I would definitely recommend them. They took such good care of my mom who has early onset dementia. I was very pleased with the service we received.

Dan C. Avatar
Dan C.
- Google

Meet up with Casey at the Beltone on Monroe St today and was very expressed he was very nice and new what he was doing showed me some thing's about my hearing adds that I didn't know before very nice visit

Don Z. Avatar
Don Z.
- Google

I have been a patient of Dave Lietz for the past 3 to 4 years during which Dave has not only made available to me some of the best hearing devices you can find but he has also taught me how to use them by developing special programs for special hearing occasions. These programs are available to you at no cost and they really work. Dave not only does a fantastic job in caring for his patients, but he knows his product.

Ron K. Avatar
Ron K.
- Google

I am totally amazed with how the Beltone Hearmax App helps with background noise and clarity with speech. Angela and Leanna are very helpful and the product is great! Very satisfied with Tiffin Beltone.

lorraine j. Avatar
lorraine j.
- Google

Happy to recommend this office to all my loved ones and anyone who needs help! Excellent service!

lorraine j. Avatar
lorraine j.
- Google

Excellent service! Every time I need something they take care of it right away. Grant and Sara are excellent at what they do. Definitely recommend.

debbie k. Avatar
debbie k.
- Google

We had our appointments today. Had an awesome experience with Eric & Alex. Alex was our main man today. Great customer service and care. Was so very professional and courteous!!! Wonderful experience overall. If you suspect you are not hearing well give them a call. Makes a huge difference with you quality of life! ❤️♥️

Robert M. Avatar
Robert M.
- Google

Excellent service! Grant and Sara help me immediately if I need something and make sure I am hearing as well as possible at all time! Would recommend to anyone with hearing issues.

Tonia J. Avatar
Tonia J.
- Google

I want to say thank you to the doctors and the wonderful secretarial staff for being patient and informative when working with my mother.

Linda D. Avatar
Linda D.
- Google

I feel so blessed to have this office in Brownstown! The staff is kind, professional and efficient. I am very grateful for the way they keep me on track for maintenance. Thank you, Alex, Eric and Bella!

Barbara A. Avatar
Barbara A.
- Google

I’m sooooo glad that I have had Beltone hearing devices for 20 years!!! And especially having Steven Whetstone as my hearing specialist ?!!!! There was a time that due to a change in offices that I lost Steven as my specialist and I truly felt lost for 1 1/2 years. The company that took over kept trying to sell different hearing aids. I resisted because I was happier with Beltone. It was a fluke that I ran across Steven’s name in a local paper and I immediately called to get an appointment with Steven. I figured that I would have to go to a different city to see him, but he was not far from where I lived??. I and truly happy to be back with this very talented specialist in his field. Steven Whetstone is truly AMAZING!!!!

Sandi K. Avatar
Sandi K.
- Google

Today I came into Brownstown and had an awesome experience with Eric and Alex. The young women at the front is always very sweet too! Highly recommend!!!

Ellen C. Avatar
Ellen C.
- Google

When first came in I was greeted by a wonderful team of people Bella was at the front desk and had such a charming personality. Alex said he was new but you wouldn't know it because he was super knowledgeable. Eric is an expert and made the whole experience painless. I'm grateful to be a part of the Beltone family!!!

Judith P. Avatar
Judith P.
- Google

I live this office! It is extremlet friendly and whenevr I need something it is taken care of immediately. I chose this offixe because of the SERVICE! Would reccommend to anyone with hearing problems.

Randy B. Avatar
Randy B.
- Google

Great Guy,I came from Sam's club ' this place is where you need to go Thank you Bektone keep up the Good work

Gwenn R. Avatar
Gwenn R.
- Google

I am extremely satisfied with my service from Beltane. I trusted the with my hearing because they have been around for over 80 years! Grant and Sara are always quick to help me with whatever I need. Will always recommend them to my friends, family, and anyone who needs help!

A G. Avatar
A G.
- Google

I am extremely satisfied with my service from Beltane. I trusted the with my hearing because they have been around for over 80 years! Grant and Sara are always quick to help me with whatever I need. Will always recommend them to my friends, family, and anyone who needs help!

Angela J. Avatar
Angela J.
- Google

This establishment is helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Steve is very thorough and will take the time to explain everything that he is doing and to answer any questions. There is good reason that Beltone of Ann Arbor on Zeeb Road has nothing but 5 star reviews!

Gail J. Avatar
Gail J.
- Google

This establishment is helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Steve is very thorough and will take the time to explain everything that he is doing and to answer any questions. There is good reason that Beltone of Ann Arbor on Zeeb Road has nothing but 5 star reviews!

Ming T. Avatar
Ming T.
- Google

Great service and great people!

Adrian D. Avatar
Adrian D.
- Google

I feel truly blessed to have been referred to the Belton Brownston center. My experience working with Eric, Bella & the lastest addition Alex has been awesome. I have to give Eric a 100% rating for his extensive knowledge. As I am sure any expert in their field knows, there is no "I" in team. So this 5 star rating is for the entire team. It is wonderful to be a part of the I can "hear" again world. Thanks guys

Mary H. Avatar
Mary H.
- Google

Grant was wonderful in explaining everything to my mother.

Patricia V. Avatar
Patricia V.
- Google

I have been a Beltone patient for years. Every practitioner I have met has been great! I enjoy seeing Casey. He is personal and takes great care of me.

RAymond P. Avatar
RAymond P.
- Google

I have been with David Leitz for over 5 years. He is a great hearing Practitioner. If he weren’t there I would go to the VA. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Chet M. Avatar
Chet M.
- Google

Frank has been taking care of me for 4 years he always takes care of my aids needs . Highly recommended.

garrett m. Avatar
garrett m.
- Google

Very helpful. The staff is knowledgeable. Willing to work. To find the best options for you.

Red H. Avatar
Red H.
- Google

Safe, clean, great people. I can only hear from my right ear. I was born deaf in my left. Without my hearing aid, I can't hear anything so my hearing aids are very important to me. Thankfully, they can always get me in, even without an appointment, to get my hearing aid cleaned.

T J. Avatar
T J.
- Google

Great experience! They truly treat you like you like a dear loved one. Todd was so professional and really listened to our needs. I haven’t heard this good in years!

A G. Avatar
A G.
- Google

This a great office! I used to go to Miracle Ear, but when I found this Beltone office, I’ve never been back. Grant Briolat is my hearing care practitioner and he always make sure I am hearing as well as possible. Sara manages the office and always make sure I get an appointment when I need one. If you’re having trouble with your hearing - you need to come here!

GR B. Avatar
- Google

Great people and service!

Chuck P. Avatar
Chuck P.
- Google

I have been going to the Perrysburg location since 2018. It's easy to schedule an appointment and the staff is very friendly. I had an issue where I lost one of my hearing aids because of the mask on mask off issue. i was satisfied how another hearing was ordered and updated. Casey works with you to make sure your hearing aids are working correctly. I guess the answer to not loosing the hearing aids during the pandemic is to just leave the mask on. Had a conversation with Casey that someone should design a device you could wear that would beep when the aids were 2 ft away from your body. Would be another device that could attach to your clothing.

Terry A. Avatar
Terry A.
- Google

Great service and can get in to the office anytime. Every one is very helpful. I would recommend Beltone Southgate office to anyone!

Bruce S. Avatar
Bruce S.
- Google

Casey does a very professional and thorough examination. He is very good working with my wife with her hearing aids and is checking me regularly. I strongly recommend him!

Rosemary W. Avatar
Rosemary W.
- Google

I'm always happy to visit this office. Grant Briolat is the best hearing care practitioner in the are hands down! I will always trust beltone with my hearing care.

Allison H. Avatar
Allison H.
- Google

Losing my hearing was one thing. But I had not recognized how bad it had affected my family. After I got my Beltone Hearing Aids, my adult daughter said "Oh how wonderful, now I can talk to my Mom again !" (Because I couldn't hear her she had just stopped talking to me much. Now she is back to talking to me in those wonderful long talks that only a Mother and Daughter can have. If you don't want to spend this much money on you (like I did) then spend it on YOUR family.

Theresa b. Avatar
Theresa b.
- Google

Angie is always more then helpful listens to all my concerns,and helps me to understand how everything works.

Randy P. Avatar
Randy P.
- Google

Take care of my hearing needs

Harry D. Avatar
Harry D.
- Google

I'm a snowbird and I purchased my Beltone hearing aids in Florida. I needed them serviced so i called.They got me right in. My hearing aides unfortunately needed to be sent in. They provided me loarner devices so that I would not be without over the Memorial week end! Then made adjustments to mine when they came back. I was so pleased after having a bad experience with another vendor. Highly recommend based on the service I received from Brennen Kartes!

Allan H. Avatar
Allan H.
- Google

Tony and Holly take care of all my hearing needs whenever I need it. Very satisfied

Joe R. Avatar
Joe R.
- Google

Excellent professionals will provide you with the best hearing instruments available as well as follow up care. They have made my life more enjoyable by being able to hear much more clearly for some 30 yrs now.

Linda P. Avatar
Linda P.
- Google

I have had a very good experience with Angela and am very satisfied with my hearing aide-!she has made it very easy and not so scary!!!!

Virginia P. Avatar
Virginia P.
- Google

I hit the jackpot when I made my appointment with this office! The office is nearby & the staff is like coming home to a family reunion! The whole experience was comfortable but very professional! Both Jeremy & Steve explained everything to me & allowed me to ask questions. I would reccomend this office to everyone for their hearing needs! Great job Steve, Jeremy & Lisa!!

james c. Avatar
james c.
- Google

It has been a learning experience for me with how to clean my ears and about the different environments I am in and how my hearing actually works. It is amazing to have the hearing aids but even more the instructions and guidance that Casey and Amber have given to me makes the total package and means a lot to me that they both have a desire to share and go the extra mile. Thank you Casey and Amber and continue to be blessed.

Paula B. Avatar
Paula B.
- Google

I was a Marion client and I am so glad to find Angela in Upper Sandusky. I trust her knowledge .

Kim W. Avatar
Kim W.
- Google

Great service. Caring and engaged. First week of using her hearing aids my mom was able to lower the channel volumn from 36 to 26

judy m. Avatar
judy m.
- Google

After many years of not being able to hear-finally went to Beltone! So glad i did, i missed out on alot. Now i can hear! Very thorough exam and explains everything in detail.

sue m. Avatar
sue m.
- Google

Thank you so much for the great service, always here for me. Thanks Dave, Robyn and Betty.

patricia o. Avatar
patricia o.
- Google

Great customer service. Caring staff. Extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

Alice R. Avatar
Alice R.
- Google

David Leitz is a friendly and professional. One thing I love about David is that he is always on time. He has never had problems working on my hearing aids. I have recommended David to multiple friends.

wendy y. Avatar
wendy y.
- Google

Had a great doctor made sure I was Comfortable with my hearing aids and helps me with any questions I had

Jan H. Avatar
Jan H.
- Google

I can hear better than ever before. Vicki is very professional and very friendly and very helpful. I have truly enjoyed working with her. She always explains things so I can understand. She is very patient with me when I don’t understand what she has said and she takes the time to explain it to me again. Vicki is a great representative for Beltone. I would recommend seeing Vicki for any hearing problems that you may have.

Robert N. Avatar
Robert N.
- Google

Very good service. Casey explains everything well. Happy with my hearing aids. I’m hearing more than I thought I could and hooking it up to my phone is great.

Lee B. Avatar
Lee B.
- Google

The staff and ginney st st. Clair store were super helping my hearing give them 5 star

Mona O. Avatar
Mona O.
- Google

Fantastic customer service! Thanks to Casey, he was able to fix my hearing aids and now I can hear a whole lot better. Also, Amber did her best to schedule an early appointment for me instead of having to wait for a whole week. I would definitely recommend this clinic for hearing aids services. Thank you, Casey and Amber!

A G. Avatar
A G.
- Google

I brought my father in to see Mrs Adkins a few weeks ago. Very kind and knowledgeable young lady. My father has had hearing aids for years and when we left he said he will never see anyone but her again.
He really enjoyed the office. Very Pleasant.

Mike M. Avatar
Mike M.
- Google

I brought my father in to see Mrs Adkins a few weeks ago. Very kind and knowledgeable young lady. My father has had hearing aids for years and when we left he said he will never see anyone but her again.
He really enjoyed the office. Very Pleasant.

Gary L. Avatar
Gary L.
- Google

How are you doing Dr. hearing aid person I love these hearing aids thank you bye-bye bye-bye

D N. Avatar
D N.
- Google

Great service and dedication to getting what works best for the patient. It’s nice to go somewhere where you know they will take care of you.

Mark W. Avatar
Mark W.
- Google

Mr David Leitz is a super nice guy that gives you answers when I need them. I bring my friend to David that is blind so her eyesight is very important. I wouldn't trust anyone but David with my friend. I would recommend him to anyone.

Roxanne P. Avatar
Roxanne P.
- Google

David Leitz is a wonderful hearing practitioner. He has helped me with all of my issues. I would recommend David Leitz to everyone. He won’t steer you wrong.

Roxanne P. Avatar
Roxanne P.
- Google

Dave is wonderful & so helpful. Dave Leitz I can’t say enough good things about him . I would recommend him to anybody. A positive happy person . He won’t steer u wrong.

Joanne H. Avatar
Joanne H.
- Google

The greatest place to go to ears. I have never been disappointed with their service! You can’t beat it! I have been wearing Beltone hearing aids for about 8 years!

Dallis M. Avatar
Dallis M.
- Google

Casey was informative and shared capabilities of my hearing aids which I did not know

William N. Avatar
William N.
- Google

Very quick and courteous customer service very knowledgable staff. I love coming here and I recommended to anyone.

Susan M. Avatar
Susan M.
- Google

Roy and Pat are THE BEST!!!!! They both helped me get my “ears” fast and squeezed me in so I could take them on my 3-week trip! This office is the one to go to!!!!! Thank you Roy & Pat!!!!

oslo t. Avatar
oslo t.
- Google

Beltone has a very friendly staff; they’re always there for me... great customer service. Eric and Molly are great!

deb G. Avatar
deb G.
- Google

Casey was very professional and took time to make sure my mother’s hearing aides were working properly. She is now able to hear much better. We definitely are happy he has joined the team at Toledo office.

Teta M. Avatar
Teta M.
- Google

Great place! Great people! Would highly recommend!

Wendy K. Avatar
Wendy K.
- Google

Great service and great Dr!! Hearing has been awesome since I got my hearing aids. Really notice a big difference when i take them out, everything then becomes pieceful and quite for bedtime, lol!!

Cynthia G. Avatar
Cynthia G.
- Google

I would highly recommend Beltone to anyone struggling with their hearing. I took my 85 year old mother here for an exam. Mike was very kind to my mother. She needed hearing aids and by the time we left my mother no longer felt guilty about her hearing loss. She felt confident. We have my mom back! We are very grateful for Beltone and the continued care and kindness from Mike and Sara! Best purchase ever worth every penny!!

Chris P. Avatar
Chris P.
- Google

The staff here is incredible. Greg and Sue are professional, kind and helpful. Great service!

Marion B. Avatar
Marion B.
- Google

My experience was very nice and I would tell any one with hearing problems to give them a visit at the Belleville Bolton. Vicki was kind and explained as she did the exam. I have a better understanding about my condition. My follow up is going well I am very pleased. Thanks Vicki!?

Jen N. Avatar
Jen N.
- Google

Absolutely fantastic customer service! Made arrangements for my mother to get an appointment to correct a sudden issue with her hearing aids! Couldn’t have been happier with the results! Thank you!!

Constance K. Avatar
Constance K.
- Google

I was having some issues with my hearing aid. So I was seen by Kris Adkins. She has the personality and know how. I felt so comfortable with her and I could tell right away. That she wanted to help see what the problem was. I defiantly recommend her to someone looking for a Hearing Aid Specialist. I’m looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again Kris! Connie Koehler!