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*Please call office as hours are subject to change without notice.

*Please call office as hours are subject to change without notice.

Trust Your Hearing to Beltone Hearing of Plainwell, MI

Plainwell, MI Has Access to Innovative Beltone Hearing Aids

Hearing Assessments Produce Better Hearing Care

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What Others Say About Beltone Hearing – Plainwell, MI

Brigene Avatar
- Google

Took my Dad there. Dr. Dave was great.

Holly H. Avatar
Holly H.
- Google

I appreciate this office and the work they do. The hearing test they offer is so much more in depth than just listening to little tones here and there and raising your hand. Through my hearing test with them we found the reasons I was struggling to hear in different settings. They set me up with some hearing aids and never treated me like I was overreacting as other places had done. I highly recommend anyone struggling to hear to go see Dr Wolf in Plainwell or Dr Duggan in Portage.

Cindy P. Avatar
Cindy P.
- Google

I had never had a hearing test done but lately my husband felt the TV volume was higher than before. I made an appointment with David Wolf at the Plainwell, MI Beltone location. I did not know what to expect but was delighted in the amount of information he gave me, the thoroughness of the testing, and how much more educated I now am. I also know what to possibly expect in the future for the need of hearing aids. For me the end result was to be checked again in a couple of years! Professional and courteous office.

Lizabeth S. Avatar
Lizabeth S.
- Google

Great service thank you for your help

Allison H. Avatar
Allison H.
- Google

Losing my hearing was one thing. But I had not recognized how bad it had affected my family. After I got my Beltone Hearing Aids, my adult daughter said "Oh how wonderful, now I can talk to my Mom again !" (Because I couldn't hear her she had just stopped talking to me much. Now she is back to talking to me in those wonderful long talks that only a Mother and Daughter can have. If you don't want to spend this much money on you (like I did) then spend it on YOUR family.

judy m. Avatar
judy m.
- Google

After many years of not being able to hear-finally went to Beltone! So glad i did, i missed out on alot. Now i can hear! Very thorough exam and explains everything in detail.

Mimi G. Avatar
Mimi G.
- Google

Great product and exemplary service. I would recommend to anyone.

James C. Avatar
James C.
- Google

Very positive. Good experience.

Joyce Q. Avatar
Joyce Q.
- Google

Great service. Very happy that I became a patient of MR Wolf at Beltone. Highly recommend.

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