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As the original hearing aid manufacturer in America, Beltone has a rich 80-year history in providing the highest quality devices on the market – consistently pushing the boundaries of research and development.

In fact, we were the first manufacturer to release the now-famous Made For iPhone hearing aids.

Every single Beltone hearing aid model provides the highest quality sound, housed in a sleek and waterproof casing as standard.

We have multiple packages available, based on your personal circumstances, budget, and lifestyle to help you to choose the right option for you.

Our range of options are on this page along with our most popular accessories to enhance your hearing experience.

But before you self-diagnose, your first step is to request your free hearing screening so that we can test your hearing and determine if you have a hearing loss.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to our friendly team, then you can call us at 1-888-691-3821.


Gone are the days of huge, non-conspicuous looking hearing aids. You will want to look as natural as possible and ensure that your transition into wearing hearing aids goes unnoticed by the general public. The designs we offer are sleek, discreet, and extremely effective.

Our devices are available in two main styles – one has the receiver nestled in the ear (RIE), which is fit custom to your ear for the ultimate in discretion, and the second is a nearly invisible receiver tucked behind the ear (BTE), which is available in a range of colors.


At Beltone, we know that as a hearing-impaired person, your number one objective is to live as close to your normal life as possible, especially if you have experienced normal hearing previously.

We have you covered! The incredible Beltone Amaze product line offers not only the best sound quality available, but it also connects wirelessly to iPhones and iPads by way of a free app (with Android capabilities expected to be released in the next software update) – making talking on the phone or streaming music easier than ever. The Amaze also has the world’s longest lasting rechargable battery, giving you 30 hours of power through its handy and sleek charger kit. It’s the most exciting hearing technology that we’ve ever seen!


Our premium products and features not only restore your ability to hear, but they also go beyond your previous experience and will allow you to get more out of every day and every experience!

The Bold and Boost products are Beltone’s super power product lines. They deliver incredible speech clarity and sharp, crisp sound, whatever the audio landscape. They also come with wireless device connectivity as standard, making them even more user friendly. Overcoming hearing loss has never been easier!

Patient Testimonial

The Care and Service I Have Received is #1. Highly Recommend.

Came in with my husband in May and saw Vicki Harvey in Belleville. Testing was very thorough, purchased the Platinum Trust. I can finally enjoy television with my husband without blasting the volume. The stress between my husband and me over miscommunication is now non-existent. I can hear conversations in a group without a problem. I am a cosmetologist – the background noise in the salon was always an issue but is no longer a problem. Phone conversations are clear & understandable. The care and service I have received is #1, highly recommended to anyone.

Cynthia Beale, From Belleville, MI

Amazingly rechargeable

Make battery changes a thing of the past. Thanks to the Beltone Amaze integrated lithium-ion battery, you no longer need to replace batteries. And, with the most user-friendly portable charger in the industry, you can charge confidently every day.

Beltone Amaze will last you a long time, up to 30 hours, when fully charged. Recharging is simple – place your hearing aids in the charger overnight and they are ready again in the morning. If you forgot to charge your hearing aids, no worries – in just 30 minutes of charging, Beltone Amaze will be ready to go another 8 hours before the next charge.


Sends crystal clear stereo sound directly to your Beltone hearing instruments from the TV, computer, and many other audio sources over a range of at least 30 feet and reconnects if you leave the room and return within 5 minutes.

You don’t have to wear anything but the hearing instruments.


Offers a clear visual display to monitor the status of your Beltone hearing aids as you easily change programs, adjust volume, and switch to TV wireless streaming mode.

Key lock makes it easy to transport without having to worry about accidentally changing settings.



For those of you without an iPhone, this useful accessory sends sound from a cell phone directly to your Beltone hearing aids, allowing you to answer or end calls with the push of a button.

Download the app for Android and iPhones to control all features. The cell phone itself can be up to 30 feet away from the phone clip and can even be left in a pocket during use.


Delivers sound directly to Beltone hearing instruments from a streaming iPod/mp3 audio device over a range of up to 30 feet.

The Mini-Mic is an excellent companion microphone or portable streamer.

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