Circle of Excellence Winners For
The 6th Consecutive Year

Our Story

We have a mantra here at Beltone: “to treat every patient and every team member like a dear loved one”, and boy do we live by it.

You can be rest assured, from the moment you pick up the phone to talk to us, to the second you walk out of our doors, you’ll feel well and truly taken care of, as after all, that’s what families do.

With our business hat on, as an 80-year-old enterprise, Beltone is a market leader and one of the largest manufacturers of hearing devices in the world, yet that comes second to our number one focus: our patient needs.

The continuous enhancement of our patients’ hearing care experience through our world class service and technology is by far a better achievement than any, and as a company and as a team, it’s an honor to work in an incredible field where lives and relationships of countless people are improved each and every day!  

Now, if you’re anything like us, then you might like to know the people behind the counter, so allow me to introduce ourselves:

My wife, Jean Fletcher and myself Mr. Daniel Fletcher are pleased to meet you.

We began seeing patients and fitting Beltone hearing aids in 1989.  In 1998, we purchased our very first Beltone office and have since grown the company to include 47 offices, encompassing metro-Detroit, western Michigan and northern Ohio.

I myself am a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and a member of the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences, having served on the State of Michigan’s Board of Licensure for Hearing Care Services, and I’m now an alumni of Eastern Michigan University.

Together, my wife and I have lead our company to every award Beltone Corporation bestows, including the prestigious President’s Cup!  However, we’re most proud of our six consecutive “Circle of Excellence” awards, given annually to the practice with the highest patient satisfaction scores across the national network of Beltone dispensers.

None of this, of course, would be possible without our incredible team of hearing care professionals.

Our team, just like us, follow our mantra and are committed to providing each and every patient with the love, care and attention they deserve.

So, come on in and let us welcome you into the family!


What Our Patients Say

“I love my hearing aids. My own voice sounded so much better that I talked to my husband all the way home. I felt like I was blind and was able to see for the first time! I am picking up sounds I never heard before.”
Loraine Byerly

“I purchased my hearing aids at your Waterford location from Jeff Webber. I feel like I’ve joined the world again! I can hear things that I haven’t heard in years. The day he put them in my ears, I could have cried when he took them out. I was sold at that moment! Jeff has been excellent with fitting my hearing aids and answering ALL my questions (and I’ve had a lot of them). I will recommend Jeff Webber and his receptionist Kristen to everyone. They are very welcoming and always smiling! They are great so THANK YOU, Jeff, Kristen, and Beltone!”
Andrea McGhee

“I wish to commend and thank you for your professional service to me in the acquisition of hearing aids. Your full attention and thorough explanation of each step of the examination, which led to the determination of needing hearing aids for me, had a calming effect and was much appreciated by me. I thank you and my wish is that you may continue with this service to others for many years to come.”

“I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years and these are by far the best I’ve ever owned. My only regret is that they weren’t available 20 years ago. The clarity is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Absolutely love them.”
Philip Walter

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