If you know somebody who is concerned about their hearing health, then we encourage you to share these stories with them, as hearing other people’s experiences could be exactly what they need to take action.

Know Somebody Who Is Considering Treating Their Hearing Loss? | Inspiring Stories From Our Patients

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Beltone News, Patient Resources

Each day, we communicate with individuals all over Michigan and Ohio who are anxious about their hearing or worried about a loved one’s auditory health. 

Their worries are valid, they have inquiries, and often they feel lost. 

What most people struggle with is the unfamiliarity of the situationmany don’t know someone else who has experienced hearing loss or who uses hearing aids. Hence, they feel lost and in dire need of advice or help from someone who’s walked a mile in their shoes. 

Though we provide them with expert counsel and guidance, they yearn to hear from someone who has previously grappled with their same challenges. 

If you or someone you know can relate to this, then this article is intended for you. 

Stories From Our Patients

We reached out to a few of our patients and asked them if they would be comfortable sharing their journeys. They were more than eager to help empower others by sharing their experiences, key lessons learned, and their reasons for not waiting too long to seek help. 

We hope you’ll share this with someone you believe could benefit from it. 

Let’s start with the story of Judith.

Judith spent many years working in a noisy manufacturing facility before ear protection was standard. This lifestyle choice gradually led to a significant hearing loss. 

She remembers, “My hearing suffered for many years. I started with ringing in the ears and then the usual turning up the TV to hear it.” 

The cost of treating her hearing loss was a concern for Judith. However, when her Advantage Plan began offering tests and covering part of the hearing aids cost, she knew it was time. 

From her first appointment at Beltone Hearing Center, Judith’s impression was all good. “Everyone was ready to help me achieve my goal to hear clearly again,” she recalls. 

She encourages others not to hesitate: “Don’t hesitate. If your hearing loss is not significant, they will not pressure you to buy them. There is a range of hearing aids to fit your budget. First, check with your health insurance provider to find out if they pay for part of them and how much they pay. That was the biggest thing for me.” 

On to the next story, Steve’s.

While in the military, Steve knew his hearing wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t until an equipment alarm went off without him hearing it that he realized the seriousness of his hearing loss. 

At Beltone Hearing Center, Steve underwent a comprehensive hearing assessment and was fitted with hearing aids. 

He’s thrilled with the result: “It’s nice to know you can hear everything going on around you.” Steve rates Beltone a 10/10 and recommends their services to anyone in need of hearing aids. 

Third on the list, we have Tim’s story.

Tim’s major concern was the progression of his hearing loss. However, his experience at Beltone Hearing Center reassured him. 

“They did a thorough check and identified whether I was a candidate for hearing aids. Be open-minded. Let them do the checks,” Tim advises others. 

Finally, let’s take a look at Antonio’s story.

Antonio noticed his hearing loss when he started struggling to follow conversations. He was worried that wearing a hearing aid would be noticeable, but after his visit to Beltone, his concerns were put to rest. 

“Improved my hearing and helped me to be more controversial,” he says about his new hearing aids. His advice to those considering treatment: “Try it, I think you’ll like it.” 

These are just a few examples among the countless stories of local people who took a stand against their hearing loss. 

Two Common Hurdles

On average, people take up to seven years from the first realization of their hearing loss to finally seek treatment. 

Throughout our years of experience, we’ve noticed that two of the main hurdles for many people are the uncertainty of what to expect and financial concerns. 

We’ve seen that the earlier someone can address their hearing health concerns, the better their quality of life will be. 

So if you know somebody who is concerned about their hearing health, then we encourage you to share these stories with them, as hearing other people’s experiences could be exactly what they need to take action. 

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