Patient Stories



I can’t express enough how much of a blessing Beltone hearing aids have been in my life.

My journey with hearing loss was beginning to take a toll on me, especially during important moments like my church service. The frustration of not being able to fully engage was disheartening. That’s when Beltone stepped in and truly transformed my world.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a notification from Beltone for a hearing test. Little did I know that this simple step would lead to such a profound change. Not only did Beltone provide me with a free set of hearing aids, but they also handed me back the gift of sound and connection.

The first time I put on those hearing aids, I was in awe of the newfound sounds that surrounded me. It was like rediscovering the world all over again. The experience was nothing short of amazing. However, the true test of these remarkable devices came when I attended church that Sunday, for the first time in a long time I could hear the whole service, every single word!

I am deeply grateful to Beltone for their generosity and their commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. The gift of hearing aids not only restored my ability to hear but also rekindled my spirit and sense of belonging. Beltone didn’t just provide hearing aids; they provided me with a chance to fully participate in life again.

Thank you, Beltone, for turning my world around and giving me the invaluable gift of sound. You’ve made a profound impact on my life, and I am forever thankful.

– Larry

Judith Beattie, Beltone Hearing Aid patient review


Everyone was ready to help me achieve my goal to hear clearly again.

Working in a noisy environment began to take its toll on Judith’s hearing.

“My hearing suffered for many years,” says Judith. “Working in a manufacturing facility before there were earplugs, etc., I started with ringing in the ears and then the usual turning up the TV to hear it,” she recalls.

While Judith didn’t have any worries about seeking help, as she “knew that I would be fully tested,” the financial impact did leave her concerned. But then she says, “My advantage plan started offering the test and the paying of part of the hearing aids. I knew it was time.”

Judith’s first appointment at Beltone Hearing Center did not disappoint. “My first impressions were all good. Everyone was ready to help me achieve my goal to hear clearly again,” she notes.

Glad she didn’t put off hearing aids any longer, Judith says, “Hearing aids have been a godsend for me. I knew for a long time that it would only get worse if I didn’t do something. Now, when I take my hearing aids out for the night, I realize how deaf I had become.”

Judith has these words of advice for anyone considering an appointment at Beltone Hearing Center: “Don’t hesitate. If your hearing loss is not significant, they will not pressure you to buy them. There is a range of hearing aids to fit your budget. First check with your health insurance provider to find out if they pay for part of them and how much they pay. That was the biggest thing for me.”

– Judith Beattie

Steve Bunce, Beltone Hearing Aid patient review


It’s nice to know you can hear everything going on around you.

Steve became aware of the seriousness of his hearing loss somewhat unexpectedly.

He recalls, “It was a little scary, an alarm on a piece of equipment was going off and I didn’t hear it. Made me wonder what other warnings I may not be hearing.”

Soon after, Steve made an appointment at Beltone Hearing Center. “I knew I had some hearing loss from being in the military. I just didn’t know it had gotten worse,” he explains.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Steve was fitted with hearing aids.
Pleased with his experience at Beltone, he says, “It’s nice to know you can hear everything going on around you.”

Rating Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10, Steve comments, “If you’re needing hearing aids, I think Beltone is quite helpful.”

– Steve Bunce

Tim, Beltone Hearing Aid patient review


It was a very in-depth appointment.

When it came to Tim’s hearing loss, he says the hardest part was “that I knew it would never get better.”

Additionally, he says, “I was somewhat worried that the process would be just to get me to buy hearing aids. But it was a very in-depth appointment that went far beyond just buying hearing aids.”

Recalling his first impressions of Beltone Hearing Center, he says it “looked like a clean facility” and “the staff was very nice.”

Now, with his new hearing aids, life is much easier for Tim. He especially notes “that on most occasions, I do not speak as loudly as I once did.”

Tim’s advice to others? “Be open minded. Let them do the checks and see whether you’re a candidate.”

– Tim

Antonio Reid, Beltone Hearing Aid patient review


Improved my hearing.

Antonio realized he had a hearing loss when he struggled with “hearing people correctly.” This made following conversations difficult in terms of understanding and feeling confident enough to voice his own thoughts.

Prior to visiting Beltone Hearing Center, he was concerned “that wearing a hearing aid would be noticeable.”

Overall, Antonio is happy with his new hearing aids. He says they’ve “improved my hearing and helped me to be more controversial.”

To anyone contemplating an appointment, he encourages, “Try it, I think you’ll like it.”

– Antonio Reid

Paul Lakatos, Beltone Hearing Aid patient review


Nice place. Nice people.

Hearing loss often develops slowly over time, as it did for Paul. “When I was asking people to repeat too many times, I knew I needed to do something,” he recalls.

Prior to his appointment at Beltone Hearing Center, he didn’t have any worries because he felt he had nothing to lose. He emphasizes, “The offer is a free, no cost hearing test.”

Paul was impressed with his first appointment, saying, “Nice place. Nice people,” and his results are exactly what he was hoping for.

“I can hear much better again. The Bluetooth control of my model makes using them a perfect experience.”

Paul encourages others to make an appointment. He insists, “Go on in. Take the free test. Understand what help you can get. If not satisfied, say goodbye.”

– Paul Lakatos

Paul Lakatos, Beltone Hearing Aid patient review


The staff at the clinic were very patient and listened carefully to my concerns before they answered

Herminio was first aware of his hearing challenges when he was struggling to hear other people in conversations.

He explains, “I had to make frequent requests to the speaker, asking him/her to repeat what they had said.”

He decided it was time for a hearing care assessment and chose Beltone Hearing. He remembers his first appointment, “The staff at the clinic were very patient and listened carefully to my concerns before they answered.”

Herminio did not realize how much he had been missing until he was fitted with hearing aids and recalls that, “It was a very pleasant surprise.”

He would recommend making time to have a hearing care assessment and says, “You will be glad you did.”

– Herminio Perez, MD, FAAFP

Audrey Freeman


Top notch

Audrey is so pleased with Beltone that she has to share her positive experience with everyone she meets.

She says, “My friend was looking for hearing aids, who is fussy, and she bought from Beltone too. I tell everyone about the service and care you’ll receive. I love the hearing aids so much.”

Audrey finally found the all-round care she was looking for at Beltone, saying, “I will not go anywhere else. I’ve been to many other places and Flint Beltone is top notch. They truly care and provide such great service. Peter, Sherry, and Chris are the best.”

She concludes, “Thank you so much for all you do. I always look forward to my appointments.”

Thank you, Audrey, for your kind words. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Audrey Freeman


It will change your life for the better.

Richard was struggling with his hearing loss both physically and emotionally.

He recalls, “I felt defeated, like I did not fit in.” Upon booking an appointment at Beltone Hearing Center, he says, “I had no worries because my dad wore hearing aids also.”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Richard was fitted with a pair of hearing aids. Grateful for the modern technology, he says, “I am able to hear things around me, finally.”

To anyone considering an appointment, Richard advises, “Do not put off a visit. It will change your life for the better.”

– Richard Place


I was greeted with kindness.

Shirley’s hearing difficulties began many years ago. The problem was she wouldn’t admit it.

Then one day, things changed. Shirley recalls, “Finally, my family used the grandchildren to say I speak too loudly.”

This prompted Shirley to take action, although she was “concerned I would have trouble with my glasses that I have to wear all the time.”

Upon arriving at Beltone Hearing Center, she was impressed with what she saw. She says, “It was clean and a very friendly atmosphere, and I was greeted with kindness.”

Now, Shirley’s hearing is so much better with her new hearing aids. “I can hear my own voice and according to my family, I speak much quieter.”

Much to her relief, she has adjusted to her devices very well. “Once my hearing aids are in, I barely know they are there,” she adds.

Shirley rates Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10 and encourages others to give them a try. She says, “Please make up your mind to hear better and join in the conversations of the people around you.”

– Shirley Jankowy


I didn’t know what I had been missing.

Hearing loss was rapidly turning Fay’s life upside down.

Describing the chaos, she says, “I had to keep asking people to repeat themselves. I had the TV turned up way loud, others were always complaining.”

Soon, the stress and frustration began to affect her emotionally as well. “I got to thinking it would be better living without other people around me,” she acknowledges. “That is not living my life.”

Reflecting on her situation, Fay says, “I was afraid of cost, but I knew I needed help. I should have got it a few years earlier. I wish I would have. But it’s never too late. Will help you stay younger. I don’t want to grow old.”

Visiting Beltone Hearing Center was like a breath of fresh air for Fay. She remembers, “Office staff was very friendly. Was very clean. They made you feel welcome.”

Once Fay received her new hearing aids, life started to blossom again. “Hearing aids have given me a new outlook on life. I didn’t know what I had been missing. Understanding the words of people and music, the birds and nature. Just turning on a water faucet all had different sounds,” she explains.

Fay encourages others to follow in her footsteps. She says, “Take someone you have a hard time hearing with you. The test was easy, the person with you helps out. I would go back to Beltone again. If I have a problem, they get me back in as soon as possible.

“Go for it and enjoy your life.”

– Fay Linzey


You will be shocked at how better your life is with hearing aids.

When Dianne began to struggle with her hearing loss, she didn’t hesitate to seek help.

She says, “About 5 years ago, I noticed I couldn’t hear others’ conversations. That prompted me to go to Beltone.”

Upon arriving at Beltone Hearing Center, Diane recalls that she was impressed with the “nice office” and “great staff.”

However, it’s the end result of her appointment that made a huge difference to her.

Diane notes, “My hearing aids have completely changed my life. I can hear my loved ones as well as my TV, phone, etc.”

To anyone considering an appointment, she advises, “Get your hearing checked. If you need help with your hearing, you will be shocked at how better your life is with hearing aids.”

– Dianne Patrick


You will not regret it.

Richard learned that hearing loss isn’t all about volume; word recognition is also key.

He recalls, “While giving blood, the nurse was standing off to my side. I could hear her but did not understand anything she said.”

Faced with this realization, Richard remembers being concerned about his next steps and knowing “what was the best” option for him.

He decided to make an appointment at Beltone Hearing Center. Richard says the team was “very friendly.” Following a comprehensive hearing test, hearing aids were prescribed according to his test results and lifestyle preferences.

Happy with his decision, Richard says, “I’m not missing out, not in a corner because I can’t hear.”

When asked what he would advise to others in a similar situation, Richard encourages making an appointment. “You will not regret it,” he concludes.

– Richard Noskey


Everyone was so friendly.

John remembers the moment he acknowledged his hearing needed help. “I was at work and realized my hearing was getting worse.”

Prior to his appointment at Beltone Hearing Center, he says his only concern was “that my hearing was getting worse and hoped they might be able to help.”

John was impressed with what he found. He recalls, “Everyone was so friendly and ready to help.” The results of John’s hearing assessment indicated that he would definitely benefit from hearing aids.

And now, John couldn’t be happier. He says, “They allowed me to hear almost normally again.”

John rates Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10 and hopes others will visit and get their hearing tested.

– John


Don’t wait as long as I did to make an appointment with Beltone.

Despite hearing loss running in his family, Thomas opted not to get treated for a long time. He says, “Many years ago, I knew I had a problem with my grandfather and uncle having hearing issues, but I refused to do anything about it until about one year ago!”

Thomas’s appointment at Beltone Hearing Center went extremely well and he found the team very welcoming. He says, “Roy Andrews is a professional and he explained everything to my wife and me . Pat the receptionist is as good as they go. What a wonderful, compassionate lady!”

Hearing aids have certainly improved Thomas’s quality of life, making conversations much easier for him. “They eliminated the response of ‘what,’” says Thomas.

Giving Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10 rating, he encourages others, “Don’t wait as long as I did to make an appointment with Beltone.”

– Thomas H. Parkhill


I can hear so much that I’ve not heard in nearly 30 years.

Henry had struggled with his hearing for many years, choosing not to seek treatment due to pride.

He says, “I was about 20 and was not prepared to have hearing aids.”

But when decades of not hearing well became too much to cope with, Henry made an appointment at Beltone Hearing Center. He had a comprehensive hearing assessment, which resulted in hearing aids.

These days, Henry embraces the sounds of the world around him. “I can hear so much that I’ve not heard in nearly 30 years,” he says. “Birds, frogs, crickets, and my wife that maybe not so much. It is an ear opening to say the least,” Henry adds.

Henry gives Beltone Hearing Center a 9/10 rating.

– Henry Strand


Would recommend.

Eunice’s relationship with Beltone Hearing Center began when her husband went for a hearing test.

She recalls that she wasn’t particularly concerned about her hearing “until I went with my husband for his and set up a free hearing test for myself. Have tinnitus, so asked questions about it.”

Eunice says she was “very impressed with Peter at the Howell, MI Beltone office” who assessed her hearing and recommended hearing aids for her.

According to Eunice, the hearing aids are “helping with my tinnitus.”

Giving Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10 rating, she hopes others will start their journey to better hearing with Beltone. Eunice says, “Would recommend that they go visit an audiologist.”

– Eunice Schmidt


You have nothing to lose.

When Daswell began to experience hearing challenges, his main concern was that he “wasn’t sure if a hearing aid would help me.”

Knowing that he needed to address his issue, Daswell made an appointment at his local Beltone Hearing Center. Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, hearing aids were prescribed for him. He recalls, “Everyone was friendly.”

Daswell is pleased with his new hearing aids, saying they’ve made a “world of difference” to his life. He says, “It’s nice to be able to watch TV and actually understand what is being said.”

Encouraging others to visit Beltone Hearing Center, Daswell says, “Go see if it can help. You have nothing to lose.”

– Daswell Campbell


Go for it.

Lem was struggling with his hearing. He says it was at the point where he “could not understand every word when people were talking to me unless I could see their lips.”

Prior to visiting Beltone Hearing Center, Lem’s main concern was that he “didn’t want people to know I was wearing them [hearing aids].”

At his appointment, Lem had his hearing comprehensively tested and a suitable pair of hearing aids was prescribed for him.

Lem describes his new hearing aids as “very comfortable,” although he admits, “I work around loud machines, so I only wear them on certain occasions.”

Rating Beltone Hearing Center a perfect 10/10, Lem encourages potential patients, “Go for it.”

– Lem


They help you make life a lot more normal.

James became concerned about his hearing, thanks to the input from his friends and family. He recalls, “It was when everyone else told me I could not hear none.”

Determined to find a solution, James visited Beltone Hearing Center. “They were just very methodical in testing and setting up a demonstration for me,” he says.

Pleased with his new hearing aids, James explains, “They have made it a lot easier to converse with people and get more things done.”

Encouraging others to visit Beltone Hearing Center, he adds, “They help you make life a lot more normal.” James rates Beltone Hearing Center an outstanding 9/10.

-James Turner


You have nothing to lose.

When Phyllis found herself unable to understand conversations, she knew she had to do something about it. But she says at the time, “My biggest concern was cost, but they offer easy financing.”

Phyllis found the Beltone Hearing Center team “sincerely concerned and very friendly.” Following her appointment, she was soon on her way to better hearing.

Now, with her new hearing aids, Phyllis says, “I no longer have to ask people to repeat.”

She advises, “Go and be tested. You have nothing to lose.”

– Phyllis Borman


Finally, I can actually HEAR small talk.

For Bonnie, conversations seemed too quiet and she often needed others to repeat themselves.

She recalls, “My friends, family couldn’t seem to speak loudly enough for me!” Despite this, Bonnie says she “hated the idea of wearing ‘aids’ to hear!”

An appointment at Beltone Hearing Center soon put her reservations to rest. Bonnie was very impressed with the team who were “kind, caring, willing to help ME!”

Now, with her new hearing aids, conversations are a breeze. Bonnie says, “Finally, I can actually HEAR small talk without anyone repeating themselves!”

Bonnie gives Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10 rating.

– Bonnie Sanders


They helped me feel comfortable.

Norma realized she had a hearing problem “when I started counting how many times I said ‘huh.’”

While she knew hearing aids could potentially help her, Norma was concerned about their appearance. She recalls being “afraid you could see them because I have short hair.”

However, following her appointment at Beltone Hearing Center, Norma felt more at ease. She says, “People were super friendly and they helped me feel comfortable.”

Overall, Norma is happy with her new hearing aids. “It really is nice to be able to hear conversations,” she explains.

Norma encourages others, “Go in and talk to someone.”

– Norma Hausch


They’ve helped a ton.

Hearing loss is often a gradual process – as it was for Steve. And while he knew he should do something about it, he put it off. He recalls, “My ego wouldn’t let me check on hearing aids.”

When he felt ready to take the first step toward better hearing, Steve chose to visit Beltone Hearing Center. He says they were “very helpful, kind, and professional.”

Rating Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10, Steve says, “Although they [hearing aids] don’t restore my hearing to natural hearing from when I was young, they’ve helped a ton.”

He encourages others, “Definitely check hearing aids out at Beltone.”

– Steve McPherson


Definite improvement in my hearing and everyday living.

Burton discovered he had a hearing loss following a comprehensive hearing assessment at Beltone Hearing Center.

He recalls, “I was impressed with the testing equipment!”

The end result was also pretty spectacular. With his new hearing aids, Burton notes a “definite improvement in my hearing and everyday living.”

Rating Beltone Hearing Center a 10/10, he encourages everyone with a hearing challenge to visit, simply saying, “Go for it!”

– Burton Lowe


The Beltone hearing aids have truly changed my life.

The Beltone hearing aids have truly changed my life. I not only hear voices and sounds that I had been missing but also environmental sounds from nature that I had forgotten about – like the sound of wind.

I take my hearing aids out of the charger, brush them, and place them in my ears. No adjustments, batteries, nothing. I wear them until I go to bed; I take them out and put them in the charger. It couldn’t be easier. Thank you, Beltone!

– Mike Tokarsky


Make a Difference

Following his recent appointment at Beltone Hearing, Nev has only good things to say about his experience – and his kind words certainly mean the world to us!

He says, “One of the sweetest blessings was meeting you and Miss Sherri.” Nev notes that Sherri, our receptionist at our Flint location, “does a great job in that front office to set things up and work with patients like me.”

Nev shares that the Beltone team members “really make a difference and it’s appreciated by other folks like me.”

Delighted with his care, he adds, “I will not hesitate to come and see you when I need your services. Additionally, I will be more than happy to recommend you to others that require your services.”

– Nev Norona


All of my questions were answered fully

When Lynne visited Beltone, she found everything she had hoped for in a hearing care provider.
She recalls, “My experience of hearing assessment, recommendation, and resulting use of my new hearing aids has been nothing but positive.”

During her comprehensive hearing assessment, Lynne says, “I learned so much regarding how the human ear actually works! I was not surprised at my hearing loss and feel that the analysis was offered with patience and respect.”

She was impressed with their fine attention to detail, saying, “All of my questions were answered fully. This is how a product/service based company should work.”
And to top off her positive feedback, Lynne adds, “Jay Brant rocks!”

– Lynne Townsend


I can hear again

When Audrey was struggling to hear her loved ones, she turned to Beltone Hearing Aid Centers for help.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, which resulted in a prescription for hearing aids, Audrey was on her way to reconnecting with the world around her.

She is thrilled with the results. Referring to her new devices, Audrey says, “I am delighted with my new Beltone Hearing Aids. I can hear again and most precious to me are the voices of my great-grandsons.”

Audrey hopes others will follow in her footsteps and make an appointment. She adds, “Vicki & Anita handle everything and every visit with much appreciated professionalism.”

– Audrey D.


My son started crying with happiness

All it took was one small flyer and some motherly love. Now, not only is one person’s hearing ability drastically improved, but soon a whole family will begin their amazing journey to better hearing.

Katherine explains, “I received a mailer from Beltone in Flint. I wanted my son Alan to be tested because he had a stroke a while ago and he hasn’t been able to hear since. He is 59 years old and everyone who tested him in the past told him he is deaf, and they cannot help him.”

However, Beltone soon proved this was clearly not the case. Katherine continues, “After a thorough exam at Beltone, and as soon as Alan put hearing aids in his ears, my son started crying with happiness because he could finally hear again.

“He has never had a test like this before and he lost hope. He is so happy with the hearing aids and streaming on his phone. Alan is so excited and said it is simply unbelievable!”

During Alan’s initial appointment, Katherine had her hearing tested as well. The results revealed she also had a hearing loss and needed hearing aids. “I am over the moon happy and had no idea what I was missing,” she says, referring to her new devices.

Alan’s and Katherine’s successes have inspired more of the family to get tested. “After my husband witnessed our tests and learning more about hearing loss, balance, and other issues it causes, he is scheduled to be tested too,” says Katherine.

“I am recommending my brother to call the Howell office to get the help he needs from Peter because he struggles with his hearing too,” she adds. “I cannot explain how happy we are from Peter helping us to hear again and all the efforts from Sherry at the front desk dealing with our financing, hospitality, etc.”

Completely thrilled, Katherine concludes, “We will be recommending Beltone to everyone. We cannot say enough how much we appreciate Peter and Sherry. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This is life changing for us all.”

– Katherine Dean


I had been missing a lot in life

John wanted a hearing care provider that would support him every step of the way. However, getting to the point where he sought help took some time.

John recalls, “After being in denial of needing hearing aids for several years, my four-year-old grandson convinced me I could not hear (I forget about what my wife said). I chose your Beltone office in Shelby since it was a convenient location and was very satisfied with the services rendered.”

John was impressed with the Beltone team at his initial appointment. He says, “From the very first meeting, the staff treated me as an old friend and helped me to choose the correct device.”

More importantly, John likes how Beltone will be there for him in the future. “Follow-up visits have been very helpful in critiquing the hearing aids for my needs,” says John. “The staff encouraged me to come back anytime I had questions – it wasn’t a one-time sale and you’re out the door.”

John’s new devices have made an enormous difference to his hearing, and he is delighted with the results. “I found I had been missing a lot in life and the world around me,” he shares. “Thank you, Roy and Wendy.”

– John Klank


I will continue to recommend Beltone

Gerald visited Beltone Hearing Center in Sterling Heights, MI hoping to resolve his hearing issues.

So, what was the outcome of Gerald’s visit?

He was thrilled with the care he received and the vast improvement in his hearing!

Gerald says, “The staff is so kind. Two of the sweetest girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I have not been able to hear this good in years! I will continue to recommend Beltone to people I know.”

He adds, “Thank you, Ornela and Jessica!”

You’re welcome, Gerald! Enjoy your new hearing aids, and we look forward to further supporting you in the years to come.

– Gerald Telly


Kind and very professional

Finding the right hearing care professional you can trust plays an important part in ensuring a positive better hearing journey.

Barbara knows this all too well and has found the help and support she needed from hearing specialist Vicki Harvey, who is based at Beltone Hearing’s Belleville, MI location. Following a recent appointment, Barbara provided her thoughtful feedback, which certainly made our day!

Barbara says, “V. Harvey is my hearing care practitioner. She is kind and very professional. This is about my third or fourth appointment (maybe more). I would recommend her to friends and relatives if asked.”

She continues, saying, “She is knowledgeable about her profession and very helpful. I like her. She is very friendly and funny. I am comfortable with her.”
Vicki and the Beltone team are delighted that Barbara has entrusted them with her hearing care and look forward to seeing her again soon!

– Barbara A. Hayden



John recently had hearing aids fitted at our Sterling Heights office and was kind enough to let us know how thrilled he was with the entire process – from start to finish!

He says, “I am well satisfied with my new hearing aids. The service in getting them was excellent. The follow-up was very good too. I would highly recommend anyone to this location.”

Everyone at the office is delighted to hear this, John. This truly made our day! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

– John Sanko, Jr.


I was impressed

Antoinette was becoming discouraged. Nothing seemed to relieve her tinnitus, and she found herself continuously “spending money on ‘snake oil’ products that do not work.”

Then she received an invitation from Beltone for a free video otoscope exam and hearing screening. Antoinette decided to grasp this last straw and make an appointment. “At least this was free,” she says.

Antoinette soon realized she made the right decision.

“When I arrived, I was greeted by Amber. She was very welcoming and helpful!” says Antoinette. “After a few minutes of filling out forms, I met my audiologist, Casey. He explained everything he was going to do. He asked me my concerns. I said ‘Cost.’”

Following her hearing assessment, Antoinette was prescribed a pair of hearing aids to try out. “He sent me home with some hearing aids so I could get used to them,” she shares. “At my next appointment, he told me what he could do to make my hearing aids more cost effective.”

Overall, Antoinette was very “impressed” with the care she received at Beltone. “Casey worked hard to make sure I purchased a good product at a fair price,” she concludes.

– Antoinette Carlbom


So glad I can hear again!

Linda recently visited the Beltone office in Shelby Township and doesn’t regret taking that first step toward better hearing.
She says, “I’m so happy I went to have my hearing checked. I knew I was having trouble hearing in one ear, but it turned out both ears had a great loss of hearing.”

Linda was thoroughly impressed with the Beltone team and the care she received. “Dr. Roy Andrews was patient in answering my questions,” she shares, “and the receptionist was so kind and cheerful.”

Following her comprehensive hearing assessment, Linda was prescribed hearing aids. “I ended up with two hearing aids and so glad I can hear again!” she enthusiastically states.

Linda hopes others will give Beltone a try, saying, “I highly recommend Beltone and Dr. Roy Andrews.”

– Linda Scalet

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