Tele Audiology

Tele Audiology Appointments Help Keep You Safe

Protocols imposed around the world in face of the COVID-19 pandemic have not only made staying in touch more challenging but have also had a major impact on how healthcare and hearing care appointments are being carried out.

Various aspects of hearing care, such as hearing aid adjustments and hearing assessments, are areas greatly affected by travel and social distancing restrictions.

However, these restrictions do not mean that you have to sacrifice receiving the care you need. Beltone Hearing meets the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions through offering tele audiology appointments to new and existing clients.

What Is Tele Audiology and Its Benefits?

Tele audiology is a simple concept that replaces in-office appointments with a hearing care provider with a face to face consultation using your with a hearing care provider with a face-to-face consultation using your cell phone, tablet or PC, and video conferencing technology.

Besides social distancing compliance, tele audiology also makes it easier to consult your care provider in spite of your busy schedule, diiculty traveling long distances, or the challenges of finding someone to care for dependents. Should you be out of town on business, visiting family, or taking advantage of a much needed vacation, you can still get the familiar service you’ve come to expect from your personal hearing care provider.

Encouraging a reluctant loved one to ask questions and seek advice from a professional without scheduling an office visit is an additional advantage of tele audiology because it is simpler and less intimidating than an in office appointment.

Existing hearing aid wearers also benefit greatly from tele audiology by receiving the necessary support for adjustments and maintenance as well as friendly encouragement from your care provider while you adapt to your new hearing aids.

Our Remote Care Live assistance service allows your care provider to fine-tune your hearing aid using the built-in remote programming capabilities featured on the device regardless of where you happen to be.

How Does a Tele Audiology Appointment Work?

Setting up a tele audiology appointment is as easy as scheduling an in-office appointment, if not easier.

Whether you are new to Beltone Hearing or are an existing client, you can expect the following from a tele audiology appointment:

1. Submit Our “Schedule A Tele Audiology Consultation” Form

Filling out and submitting our form alerts one of our patient care specialists to contact you and schedule your appointment.

2. Receive a Confirmation Email

Once your appointment date and time are set, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email are instructions for setting up and testing the camera and microphone on the device you will use for the appointment as well as the link you will use to connect for your tele audiology appointment. The email will also serve as a reminder, so you don’t forget.

3. Connect With Your Audiologist

When the date and time for your appointment arrives, you will click on the provided link in the email to connect to your hearing care provider for a face-to-face consultation using video conferencing technology.

4. Initial Consultations Are Free with No-Obligation

If you are new to us, you can take advantage of our free initial no-obligation consultation in which we allow 15 minutes for you to ask questions or express your concerns about hearing loss and various treatment options. We will also provide you with the opportunity to schedule a hearing assessment, which follows all of the necessary protocols to protect your health, and begin your journey to better hearing.

5. Troubleshooting and Advice For Existing Clients

Our existing clients can take advantage of tele audiology appointments to receive face-to-face troubleshooting for your hearing aids, Remote Care Live assistance, or to have your concerns addressed by your hearing care provider, just like you would receive when present in one of our offices.

Schedule a Tele Audiology Appointment

Schedule a Tele Audiology Appointment with Beltone Hearing

Ongoing hearing care, whether you are a new or an existing patient, is an important element in getting the highest quality of hearing care to meet your needs and lifestyle objectives. COVID-19 protocols do not mean that you have to sacrifice receiving the hearing care you need.

Tele audiology provides an alternative means to continue your care regardless of the circumstances that limit your capacity to attend an in-office appointment. If you or a loved one would like to take advantage of a tele audiology appointment, just submit our form and start the process of scheduling a consultation today.

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